Board Meeting - March 12th, 2018

Board Meetings
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  • Open Finance Website updates
  • Review Membership Report
    • Report should have been sent to leadership the morning of the meeting.
  • Funding for DigitalOcean
    • This is no longer something we are "trying out". We should treat DigitalOcean as utility rather than voting to fund it every couple of years.
  • Saturday Cleanup
    • Greg has a baseline to-do list. Let's work on it.
  • Elections
    • Four months away
    • Anything to get ready for them
    • Combine with a Hive open house?
  • intweb
    • What can it do to make your job easier?
    • Upcoming features - membership applications, voting, direct link to member profile
    • Bug or feature request? Put it on GitHub. See Greg or Ian for help with that.
  • Annex
    • Plans for Layout before running 220 line
    • Heating still needs work, but that'll likely be punted to October or so.
    • Electrical and Network Wiring
  • Lounge Expansion
    • Ballasts have been removed for the inside pair in two fixtures - converted to LED bulbs.
  • Vertical Storage
    • What is up for grabs and what belongs to someone
    • Make some new vertical storage on the top of Rack D
  • New Member sign-up procedures
  • Re-invigorating Hive Culture