Board Meeting - March 9, 2015

Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting March 2015

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Monday April 13th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • Finances
    • Spending money more rapidly!
    • Pizza money?
  • Moving infrastructure (Ryan)
    • Budget coming this week
  • Seiki XL mill (Listermill)
    • We are very iffy on it now. Really unsure of what it would take to get it in good condition.
    • Should we go forward with figuring out the load our floor can take?
  • laser cutter
    • Maybe this month?
  • Gigabot


  • Dave M
  • Jim D
  • Dan M
  • Elly
  • Ivan
  • Nancy
  • Jon
  • Ryan
  • Ian Blais


  • Purgatory
    • Will deal with after meeting
  • Finances
    • Jim will try to do monthly updates
    • Elly will make a sign suggesting $1/slice for pizza. We will not call it out during the meeting
  • Moving infrastructure
    • Ryan is pushing this forward.
    • We will continue not backing up anything at the hive. No reason to for the cost.
    • Fastor is down.
  • Listermill
    • We are really, really iffy on this now. Probably going to say no to them for now.
  • RF-30
    • Someone broke it a while ago.
    • Probably about $230-250 in repairs and a 12-15 week lead time.
  • Laser cutter
    • Yes, we still want to move forward with it. Someone needs to push forward on this.
  • Structural engineer
    • We should ask our landlords if they have papers on the floor load before we pay.
  • Gigabot
    • We should talk to Re3D about getting the right sheild from them.
  • Tormach grant
    • Let's pass on this. Let's get manual versions of these tools before we get expensive CNC tools that people can ruin faster.
  • How to move the space forward monetarily
    • Should we look at grants? Probably only for one time expenditures.
    • The people who have tried so far don't seem to have gotten anywhere.
    • Maybe we should have someone on the board who almost solely focuses on finding grants and funding.
    • We need to have outreach/branding/networking. Dave M used to do a lot of this, but stopped having as much time to do it.