Board Meeting - March 9th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM


  • Updates - 10min

Carry Over Assignments - Equipment Divestment Policy/Procedure - (Kevin M. action)

Asset labels out - have wiki pages that need replaced with template

  • Business Discussion - the rest of the time.

Updated Bylaws and Membership agreement have been revised and approved by our Lawyer. Review and be prepared to discuss. Are we ready to approve and schedule for member vote?

In response to our inquire regarding ID check, Pro Bono Partnership advises that Hive13 should consider a Privacy policy regarding personal information. ID checks are definitely OK. Draft is in works, Drew and Dave V reviewing.

Financial controls for Move expenditure. Leverage Hive13 non-profit status for discounts and avoiding Sales-Tax.


Board Meeting - 2020-03-09

Internet fixed? Maybe not…

Divestment policy - later

Pallet racks - won’t fit in the new place due to ceiling height, why are we talking about this?

We all good with Jim’s loveseat and press donations? Yes.

Asset tags - sheet is populated, wiki pages need work, spreadsheet needs values assigned

"Proposed amendments to these bylaws which have receive the endorsement of five (5) Members shall be submitted in writing to the Membership at least one (1) week in advance of the meeting at which they will be considered for adoption."

maybe should be:

"In order to be eligible for vote, proposed amendments to these bylaws must receive the endorsement of five (5) Members. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Membership at least one (1) week in advance of the meeting at which they will be considered for adoption."

Will and dave to review in context, but we agree that the 5 to be eligible is good

Member agreement is ok.

Privacy policy? We don’t want this to be restrictive… we will not share data, either individually or in mass

ID checks, we need to at least get people’s real names verified in intweb for liability. Let’s require ID check to get keys to the new place, record nothing, just check that the real name matches intweb incase we ever have an issue that we need to know who someone is. None of it will be public.

Intweb has some lackings, no one is able to edit user data themselves.

Drew and Dave to share privacy policy draft before next meeting

Donation from x-mas doesn’t show up on finance site, but it came in, no worries Insurance - we are covered in both places, not reflected in finance website data yet, minimal change in premium for new space

Garden Street has been informed that we will be leaving, cordial greetings, they wanted to be sure we are not mad at them.

We need to get construction supply accounts set up, Will B. to lead.

No credit accounts, pay as we go.

Will wants prepaid credit cards or something, everyone else not so sure.

End of agenda, general discussion:

Coronavirus - we don’t need anything other than remind everyone to follow CDC recommendations

Banned members - do we need a list to make sure future leaders know? Intweb has “banned” checkbox, only one person has ever been banned. We don’t need this, It’s a self solving problem, if they are bad again, they will be banned again. If someone wants to work on it, put it together and bring it forward, but most of us see it as a low priority.