Board Meeting - May 11, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting May 18th 2015

Next Meeting

Monday June 8th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
  • final area warden plan (Jon/Jim S)
  • Finances (Jim D)
  • Moving websites (Ryan)
  • laser cutter (Jon)
    • Started the purchasing process today. We should have it delivered within 2-3 months.
    • Someone needs to actually help sell the accuris laser
  • Storage boxes (Elly)
  • Elections are coming in a couple of months
  • Planning for the Future


  • Ryan
  • Elly
  • Dustin
  • Nancy
  • Brandon (Guest)
  • Daniel
  • Jon
  • Jim S
  • Brandon (Secretary)
  • Dave M
  • Dave B (Teleconference)


  • Purgatory
    • Jon will do this after the meeting
  • Final area warden plan
    • (See the final draft version near the bottom)
    • Plan is finalized, responsibilities have been figured out. Bylaw addendums have also been worked out (see the above document)
    • Wiki page will detail all area warden plans, what the COO is responsible for.
    • New membership levels will need to be added to the bylaws, need quorum.
    • New bylaws will be put to a vote during general elections for the board
    • Voting at next meeting to extend the budget for the area wardens
  • Finances
    • Will update once Jim D has sent over finances (in Detroit)
  • Old Laser Cutter
    • Need someone to actively help sell the old laser cutter that was donated (and we've never been able to get working)
    • Seriously, we need to get rid of this thing. Let's figure out how much it's worth (insert model number here)
  • New Laser Cutter
    • We're up to $1800 in funding!** Still accepting donations, Jon will bring it up again at next meeting
    • Jon has started the purchasing process for the laser. Will get with Jim D tomorrow.
  • Storage Boxes Update
    • (Elly) People interested in this project should get together and have a box building event. Build a box, learn how to work wood! For people not interested in learning how to work wood, we should setup the CNC to cut a box on demand.
    • (Elly) Wants to see progress before the next board meeting (in three weeks)
    • (Ryan) Should we just give people a designated space that they can put whatever they want on, as long as it's in boxes?
  • Elections
    • Hey guys, elections are coming up! Jon is bringing this up now (two months beforehand) so we're not rushing like we usually do for elections. We need organization!
    • Ryan's goal is to have every part of our infrastructure broken before then!
    • Before the election this year, we need to make clear to people running for office what every position entails. We don't want underqualified people running for key positions.
    • The election will be July 21st. Advance notice will be sent to general membership in about a month.
  • Infrastructure
    • Website should be moved over before the elections
    • (Indistinct wispering into mics)
  • Planning for the Future (five year plan)
    • Right now we don't really have a clear direction going forward. We are still very much an infant organization in that regard.
    • What goals are we trying to hit?*** Looking at a new space for the Hive. We're quickly outgrowing our shoes.
      • Expanding Membership. How big do we want to be? Do we want to agree on a set number for membership?
      • More outreach to other hackerspaces, more collaboration between different communities. ( mailing list, #hackerspaces on
      • Dave M has a SWOT plan from when he was President. Would be a good framework to base a new plan on.
      • strategic plan from 2012:
      • Let's look at upgrading tools. Let's also look at getting equipment that makes us unique.
      • Streamline donation process. Let's try to contact people who might have tools to donate.
      • Let's try to keep doing an open house around the anniversary (July)
      • Expanding our educational offering to the community and to Hive membership. More classes and more outreach events. More opportunities for external funding.
      • Maker residency once or twice a year