Board Meeting - May 31st, 2017

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting May 31th, 2017


  • The new space move plans and timeline
    • Would people be willing to transplant things after the meeting today? (Tables, cords, etc.)
    • With the new large vacuum former coming, it's a good time
    • Missing an opportunity to use the space so it isn't seen as a waste so far
    • Greg send email!
  • Physical "desk" space for leadership
    • Did Ian make it to a junk store?
    • We can mark an area off for this for the time being
  • Backup to the bank accounts?
    • Progress
  • Voting system
    • Progress
  • Camera system
    • Any update from Steve?
    • Should we try to move on and do things on our own?
  • Laser minutes (are they still relevant/necessary)?
    • Anyone chat with most invested people about their thoughts?
    • Maybe have non-members still pay
    • Try to make a vote before/at the annual meeting on this
  • Makerfairs
    • DC, middle of June, two months or so to get ready
      • Fairly major one
      • Need to look at the application process
      • Lorin thinks it's realistic, what do we think after no planning since last meeting?
    • Detroit is end of July
      • We should try to do this, if not doing DC
    • Louisville is end of September
    • CMMF is October
      • Pittsburgh is near CMMF
      • Have been approached by that hackerspace (correct?, maybe not)
    • We really need a trailer
      • Greg might have a vehicle to pull it
      • Might do a GoFundMe or something to get it
      • Maybe ask the Building Values if they can help
      • Bring it up to the membership to see if any can help
    • Start planning with Will ahead of time!! (Now)
      • Trebuchet sounds amazing
  • Any "how-to" info on classes on the wiki?
    • If not, this is a good goal to do before next board meeting. Volunteers?
  • Bylaw updates for annual meeting - review and advice from guest Jim Maltry from Score
    • Below is copy and pasted from the last meeting:
    • Spend more time thinking of the good and what we do well
      • More informal
      • Find out what people want to get out of the Hive
      • "What is our ethos" -- Lorin
      • A couple people will go around and have informal conversations and report back their findings
    • Mediation
      • The member in question has to be willing
      • Don't need an official policy
      • What we're doing seems to work well
    • Huge Code of Conduct discussion