Board Meeting - November 14th, 2022

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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
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Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
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Deadline for Agenda submissions is November 7th, 2022. Any late submissions must be added to the subsequent board meeting's agenda.

Review task items from last meeting

  • All board members:

Nomination for CMO

  • Konstantinos Perentesis has been nominated to fill the CMO position.
  • Do we need to hold a formal election or should the Board appoint Kostas to fill the role per Nominations rule 7: In the event that there is an unfilled Officer position, the Board may appoint an interim Officer that shall serve until a replacement officer is properly elected.


Financial Report

October 2022 was a busy month and the good news continues. Consider the following as a BRIEF SUMMARY:

  • Membership has had some +/- churn and is down to 173 souls (-1 Full, -1 Student, -2 PlusOne) from last month's all time high of 177. This is a small dip, but things are still good!
  • October operating income from membership was $6,874.36. The month benefited from a one-time $200 lump-sum membership payment. Other October operating income was minimal at $18.82 from Stripe soda credits.
  • Our October fixed expenses were lower ($3,866.12) compared to September's ($4,904.64). Fixed expenses traditionally include rent, insurance, PayPal fees and warden expenses. Warden expense was down by ($145.70) from last month, and last month included a large one-time ($897.47) reimbursement for legacy Meetup subscription costs thru February 2023. Fixed expenses going forward will start to include five IT infrastructure subscriptions that total (~$556) per year. The changing payment details for these IT costs are being worked out.
  • Our October discretionary expenses were way down to ($525.71) for reimbursements of minor member votes expense. We are being frugal as we recover from the recent major purchase of the new Laguna jointer and planer in the wood shop.
  • We started the month with $36,319.90 in operating funds and ended the month at $38,930.69; a net improvement of ($2,610.79). Of this ending balance, $27,013.03 is "encumbered funds" for the 6-month rainy day reserve, lump-sum membership pre-payments, AC Fund Drive unspent balance, and budgeted-but-not-yet-spent membership votes.
  • With October's frugality, we are rebuilding our discretionary reserve; now at $11,867.66, up from September's $9,147.25. We continue to be cash positive going forward. Continued frugality through year end will rebuild our available discretionary allowance (at about $3k per month) for our T.B.D. acquisitions in 2023.
  • It was previously reported that our Outreach activity garnered a $200 grant from Blink/ISH for our parade participation. We reimbursed ($69.98) for parade related expenses and have received both the first $150 and final $50 grant payments. The parade event was $130.02 favorable to the Outreach account.
  • In other financial news, a proposal is being made in this Board Meeting to merge two recent one-of member donations and the AC fund drive reserve to create a new/different encumbered reserve for "Dungeon Buildout". The goal is to take steps now to be ready to expand the Hive's floorplan footprint to the entire third-floor north space; whenever that may happen in the future. Stay tuned for further details...

The open finance site has been updated and this 2021/2022 summary PDF shows the details as of November 10, 2022.

COO / Operations Report


Area/Warden Reports


  • Koha installation is up!
  • Beginning to categorize materials and work out how to catalogue items in the system
  • Working with Ryan and tech committee to set up emailing
  • User sign-ups soon

CMO Report


Tech Committee Report

  • Tendenci development continues
  • Member IT expenses aggregated. Working on centralizing
  • Azure Credits Used: 1577/3500 (45% - Needs to be renewed on December 11, 2022)

Outreach Report


  • MiC, Blink, LTS revival IN TWO WEEKS and we did a great job!
  • Revived socials, new Tiktok, Hive13 logo merch
  • Lots of excellent Tuesday Talks
    • Join us at the Outreach committee meeting Wednesday November 16th!

Space Planning

Proposed for Board Approval:

  • Plan to expand Hive13 to the entire north half of the 3rd floor (Occupy the Dungeon)
  • Budget for Expansion to 17500 sqft.
  • Seed the expansion fund with $3792 from two donations totaling $2250 and the $1542 remaining from AC.
  • Begin 11/30/2022 to allocate $1000 per month as encumbered funds to the Expansion fund.
    • This would at first build a fund to cover a portion of a total estimated $40K in expansion costs.
  • Open long term negotiations with 2701SG to complete the 2nd bathroom and mutually plan and execute the expansion. This is an opportunity that we should not lose through inaction.

Meeting Notes


Jack Margeson, Ryan Anderson, Kostas P., Chris Davis, Dave V., Jim A., Paul Picton, Kate, Paul Vincent


All board members:

Nominations for CMO:

  • With rule 7, Kostas is now elected as CMO as of 11/14.

Area/Warden Reports:

  • Financial report:
    • Membership up to 173
    • Made money in Oct, didn't spend a lot
    • Not really spending much throughout the rest of the year
    • Currently have 3k+ dollars to spend on... something.
    • Check "space planning" for dungeon space discussion
    • virtual credit card has been trial runned
      • Looking into using this for the 5 services paid for by members currently
  • Library
    • lookin' good
  • Outreach
    • Made in Camp, Blink, Learn to Solder all went great!
    • Check above for more notifications
    • Send Kostas feedback about what we want to be in next year!
    • This Wednesday is the final Outreach committee meeting
  • Tech
    • Azure grant for credits, Ryan will talk to Jim about this

Space Planning

  • Proposal for moving into the dungeon space
  • Should we be working out some of the things that still need done in the current space before moving into the dungeon?
    • Bathrooms, doors, update air systems
  • Launch endeavor in the new year--new year, new Hive:
    • Opportunity to expand
  • Kevin notes a notional idea of how we should use the space and expand into it should be part of the proposal before we move into it fully
    • Maybe starting a committee of people who are interested in planning the space?
  • From a landlord scenario, we don't pay rent currently with the dungeon
    • This will eventually come to a head and might be a problem
    • We need to start saving and preparing for this date
  • Paul V wants to get people excited about expanding so that we can figure out what we need the space for
  • Overall--general feedback from the board has been positive
    • Kate will announce a committee tomorrow about the planning of the Dungeon space

Action Items

  • ALL MEMBERS: Review the business at Hive13 document and come prepared for next meeting. Start brainstorming about the next board meeting's big topic, being classes and paying instructors.
  • Kate: Pick a date and announce a committee about the planning of the future Dungeon space during tomorrow's meeting. Follow up leadership on the business at Hive13 document.
  • John: Work on financial spreadsheet, try to publish
  • Ryan: Talk to Jim about Azure credits if needed
  • Kostas: Work on the mid-year survey and ask about classes that are important to the members
  • Jack: Put something on the agenda for next month talking about classes and paying teachers/members for classes