Board Meeting - November 8th, 2021

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: In Person and Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:


  • Committee Status Update
    • Outreach
    • Finance (October numbers and new DRAFT summary presentation)
    • Technology
      • First meeting on Saturday 10/30/21
      • Next meeting Saturday, December 11 1:30-2:30 PM
    • Operations
      • First baby steps in forming
      • Meeting facility status
        • Meeting room
        • Main meeting area facilities
      • Wardens
        • New wardens and warden area
    • Let's start thinking about updating the bylaws
      • Clarify warden discount policy
      • Remove fixed warden budget and create an good alternative that works for non-warden operational expenses
      • Others issues?
      • We should take time to do this thoughtfully
    • Kitchen
      • Kayla in baby steps of forming kitchen committee. First meeting maybe 11/20?
  • Update on legal advice from Pro Bono Partnership.
  • Sawstop Policy
    • at least one member has been running the saw in bypass mode out of fear of having to eat the cost of the brake and blade if it accidently trips
    • Is this acceptable?
    • Would it keep our members safer to have the policy be that Hive13 covers the cost of trips ($90 for brake, $60-$100 for the blade)?
  • Painting/Adhesives Ventilation
    • Doesn't seem to be a member willing to volunteer to lead, should leadership post a vote and lead/schedule a workday?
    • First listen to Dave Velzy's thoughts/plans


start time:

end time:

Notes from COO, (not official minutes):

Vote to lock up Sawstop keys-failed. COO and woodshop warden will develop an appropriate policy.

At the COO's request, the board voted to prohibit VOC painting at the Hive until there is adequate ventilation. Vote passed, signs were posted and it was announced.