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*Committee Status Update
*Discuss D&O Insurance Quote
**Limits on Liability - What exactly does D&O protect against? Acts as an Officer or Director.
**If Hive13 has D&O insurance does a member of leadership still need personal liability insurance? YES.
*Update on legal advice from Pro Bono Partnership.
**Maintaining 501c3 nonprofit status. How to handle members who use Hive13 to make items for profit.
**An advisor has been assigned. We had an introductory call. Basic background information has been exchanged.

start time: 7:32pm ET 
end time: 8:30pm ET 
Attendees: Heath, Dave V., Chris D., John C., Kayla L., Drew K., Paul V.
*QB implementation is slow but steady.
**All very good :)
**Meeting again with Cameron on Wednesday, Oct. 13.
*Meeting on Oct 30 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm
*what's up with kitchen warden and stuff?
*what's up with masks?
**we will continue to keep an eye on transmission rates. keep and eye out in slack and mailing list for guidance.
D&O Insurance
*Dave posted but got crickets
*More people at the Hive probably means we should seriously consider
Legal update w/ Pro Bono
*how do we avoid the "personal benefit" slippery slope that will lose us our 501c3
*lots and lots of questions and nuance
**moving at the speed of "volunteer" so will take some time
Ben Jones from 1819 coming to speak tomorrow

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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: In Person and Google Meet Telecom
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