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*Adopt a policy/statement similar to [ Dallas Makerspace]?
*Adopt a policy/statement similar to [ Dallas Makerspace]?
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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial [302-751-5581|+1 302-751-5581] and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
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For-Profit Use of Hive13 Policy


Status of Pending Requests on Intweb

  • 9 pending applications
  • 2 pending storage requests

Spelling out what happens when members are suspended

Recently, a member was suspended and locked out of the space for violating space rules. No mention of this was made on Slack or Discourse. I do not think that we want to be the kind of organization that has secret suspensions. I would like to see the board discuss measures to increase transparency on the rare occaisons where disciplinary procedures need to be used. Avoiding "public shaming" was a reason given on slack. In my opinion, if you do something bad enough that two members of leadership decide to suspend you and lock you out of the space you can deal with other members being made aware of it. Leadership remain accountable to membership by sharing their decisions, not by making them in private.



Action Items

Discussion Notes