Board Meeting - September 14th, 2015

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting September 14, 2015

Next Meeting

Monday October 12th 7:30pm at Hive13


  • Purgatory first!
    • Cleaning off purgatory of unwanted things
  • Moving website (Ryan and/or Dark Ian)
  • Internship plan for future (Dustin)
  • Hive floorplan redesign (Dustin)
  • Expense Reports

New Business

  • UC/DAAP Outreach (Dustin)
  • Membership Review (Ryan)
  • Hive Culture (Dustin)
  • Hive Processes (Dustin)
  • CnC Table discussion (Dustin)
    • Paid classes to buy software.


Lorin, Dave L, Ryan H., Ian W., Nancy G., Dustin B.


  • Discussion of possible grant seeking.
    • Ian W. has a friend who mentioned that we might qualify for an Americorps Vista grant.
    • Dave Menninger had one at FreeGeek columbus?
    • UC Forward has partially funded Lorin's Grant. This required a class with students and professors working with non profits in a reciprocal work arrangement. Initally Hive13, UC, and the Library. Hive13 is the principle organization named in Lorin's grant.
    • Students and Library members would still need to be Hive13 members to use the Hive's tools.
    • The grant has been provisionally awarded. Full conditions for allocating the awarded funds have not yet been provided.
    • Lorin to provide a succinct list of rights and responsibilities.
  • Purgatory first!
    • cleaning off purgatory of unwanted things
  • Moving website (Ryan and/or Dark Ian)
    • Ian has secured DNS control and is in process of moving the sites
  • Internship plan for future (Dustin)
    • Lorin may use his relationships with UC's college of non profit management to find student seeking internship experience.
    • This will be a strange sort of application in which potential interns suggest things they might do for the hive.
    • Leadership to review lorin's proposal/email and respond with next steps.
  • Hive floorplan redesign (Dustin)
    • Tabled until next month due to two consecutive maker faires.
  • UC/DAAP Outreach (Dustin)
    • Lorin advised Dustin to reach out SALD - Student Activities and Leadership Development.
  • Expense Reports, Membership Review (Ryan)
    • Jim was not present this evening.
  • CnC Table discussion (Dustin)
    • The general feeling is that we need to base our workflows on freely available tools, so that members can use the same set of tools at home.
    • Coy could present his plan to the membership at tomorrow's meeting.