Board Meeting - September 14th, 2020

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Board Meetings
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Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Google Meet Telecom
To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 302-751-5581 and enter this PIN: 260 934 004#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:



  • COVID Safety
  • General Hive13 Safety
  • 2701 Building safety and security improvements

Leadership transition

  • Annually review who is in the leadership roles for Facebook, Meetup, Hive13's web site content editors. Ensure that the list is appropriate and that current CTO and bitwarden are "owners".

Ongoing Projects

  • Who is project lead? Status? set priorities. Schedule work days to get help us complete the buildout
    • bathroom/kitchen
    • vertical storage
    • dust collection
    • Matheson gas delivery
    • Wood and racks in the west end of 3rd floor. Use it. Take it for projects. Clear the space so we can expand. The stuff is ours to deal with.

Warden Program Status Update

  • How's it going? Scheduled hours?
  • Any changes needed?


  • What to do if more people want a Cornerstone space?
  • Limit and wait-list, or add four more?
  • This discussion will be very important if we ever do studio memberships

Member Status Report

  • membership and late payments stuff

CTO 3Q Update

  • Azure donation program 9 months in
    • Microsoft donates $3500 worth of Azure IaaS services annually to eligible nonprofits through TechSoup
    • T&C states this donation is for Hive operational uses only.
    • This kept intweb running through the move with almost no down time.
    • We have used $671 of our $3500 allotment as of noon today 9/14.
    • Reapplying in Dec/Jan
  • On-prem hardware: long term
    • Orwell died horribly and will need a long term plan for hardware. Right now it's transplanted into a spare computer I found.
    • Other hardware is old and we need to prepare for it to suffer a similar fate
    • Planning to move more workload to Azure as time allows. Camera NVR (Orwell) most likely will need to stay onsite but everything else (including Dumpstor) is on the table.
  • New phone number and porting from Google Voice to an actual VoIP provider
    • Moving to a VoIP provider will provide the space with telephone service that is inexpensive and supports E911.
    • The number port completed today 9/14 and E911 service was established today.
    • If 911 is called from inside the space, leadership is emailed immediately. I will be making a test call to 911 sometime this week after E911 is activated. This is coordinated with Cincinnati PD dispatch, please don't do the test yourself. Of course if there is an emergency call 911
    • Telephone reachability makes us friendlier for outreach and marketing. It can also serve as a rudimentary doorbell until we figure that out (one number that doesn't change can go on the sandwich board)
    • SMS/MMS is supported for visitors who prefer not to talk on the phone and an API is available to provide nifty services for members.
    • cost matrix is below.
Line Item One-Time Cost Monthly Cost Per-Unit Cost Unit
Local Telephone Number 0.40 0.85
Outbound Voice Call 0.01 Minute
Inbound Voice Call 0.0090 Minute
E911 Service 1.50 1.50
SMS 0.0075 Message
MMS 0.02 Message


  • Outstanding
    • Paid lost rent check? Paid and receipt acknowledged
    • Paid HVAC duct? Paid and receipt acknowledged
    • Other move expenses? (? of $25k remaining)
  • Budget plan/projections looking forward
    • are we on the same page?
  • Amazon Business Account
    • lets us get tax exempt purchasing
    • we buy a lot from amazon, we should set this up
    • allows limiting authorized users.


  • Minutes will go here