Board Meeting - September 19th, 2016

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Board Meetings
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Hive13 Board Meeting September 19th, 2016


  • Purgatory
  • Pending Applications
  • Finance
  • Hive Expansion
  • Personal items? what to do at this point?
    • Wait for bylaw stuff to go through, try to compromise and talk now, bring to a vote, etc.?
  • Warden Addendum - how goes it?
  • Membership Audit?
  • Review to-do" list/ add things
  • Bylaw revisions finalization
    • Have a day for members to meet to discuss/add things before proposal to vote.
    • Proposal to vote requires a special meeting, which has to be called at least 10 days in advance (I believe)
  • LAST: Is anyone feeling burned out from the HIve?
    • What aspect?
    • How can we help? / What action can be taken to help fix this?
    • WE appreciate you!!!



  • New members - Steve and Andrew. Steve will take over as wood shop warden.
  • Financial review
    • Need to confirm that paypal accounts are being drawn down
  • Space expansion
    • need to check with Garden Street.
  • Personal Items
    • On hold pending bylaw revision
  • Warden Addendum
    • We're about 7 short of quorum
  • Membership Audit
    • Ian, Ry, and Elly will coordinate a date
  • Please use the h13Lead todo spreadsheet.
    • Sheet will be added to a shared folder.
  • Bylaws review
    • Announce special meeting for Tuesday, Oct 4.
    • Sept 27 - open forum for discussion
    • Long review is long. See google docs for current state of the art.