Board Meeting - September 8, 2014

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Hive13 Board Meeting September 2014 Agenda

  • applicant evaluation* new member onboarding** what can new members expect from us** what do we expect of members*** Hive operations manual
  • maker faire** exhibits*** * soda money* area managers* officer budgets* officer goals** year** month


  • Jim Dallam (Treasurer)* Jon Neal (COO)* Dave Menninger (Board)* Brandon Wooldridge (Secretary)* Ryan Hershey (CTO)* Daniel McNamara (Board)* Jim Shealy (President)

Minutes* New member Onboarding** People keep asking what we are, how we work, etc. We don't have a good answer** People who become members don't know how things work

  • vetting new members/ applicant evaluation** board put the brakes on automatically approving people, don't sign it immediately** people should come around more than once or twice** start a thread on for each new applicant* members must show some kind of work, like a project, something that benefits the hive ??* makerfaire will be a big influx of new members* applicants should visit the hive a few times and begin working on a personal project, certify on a piece of equipment, or engage on a hive improvement project. Any of these would show involvement in the use or operation of the space.* new people want to get certified on tools, can we pin down a night for getting certified on our tools* new member orientation packet. ( actual paper )* already on the wiki a bit. Needs to be fleshed out more though.

OnBoarding* Name sent to leadership mailing group, need people to vouch for application* Sit down with new member and take them through the Wiki* i3 in detroit has an actual checklist for an onboarding officer to go through with new people** Twice a month orientations before tuesday meetings** perhaps the new members sponsor walks them through this* what is happening with paperwork?** ryan is keeping a folder full** ryan requests pictures of applicants, email to leadership@** jim requests pictures in the CRM MakerFaire* Current exhibits: * Polar3d * apiary * shapeoko * microcontroller monday blinky thing * galileo * hexapod * video kiosk * tesla coil * possible: interactive exhibit * Get banner printed* get another banner printed **

Soda Money * ian controls the soda money rfid credits ( also he has sparkfun credit on a personal account ) this needs to be transferred to hive accounts * dan and jim extracted cash from machine * hive would need a stripe account, a sparkfun account, to take these over * can jon get more access to the paypal api key or whatever is needed to look at the paypal info * membership stats available to more people? old stats info page is flaky* Jim can get backdated reports Officer budgets * does the procedure need refinement * should there be a dollar amount that rolls over every month with an overall cap * Jim S saw a good system at GT - they had a spreadsheet for each requested purchase Officer Goals * should officers have stated/published goals to be checked-in-on each month * check in on at membership meetings - put it in the meeting agenda!! Area Mangers * we want some poeple to take some ownership of areas and keep things going cleanly * question of whether to offer some kind of incentive ( half off membership ? ) possibly $ could be a counter-incentive / source of conflict * other non-money things: square footage of storage, laser minutes, soda credits, mad props, ? * maybe different "rewards" for different areas * ask the mailing list: what would incentivize you?

Next ActionsApplicant evaluation and new member onboarding * Officers Taking Applications (All) - Get a picture of the applicant and forward it to leadership along with their name. Tell prospective member to visit the hive a few times before the hive accepts them as a member. * Ryan - Scan Applicaitons, Waivers, and store along with pictures. * Name sent to leadership distribution list and have board members officers vouch for them * Sponsors - need to take responsibility for the people they bring on, take them through the Wiki and make sure they understand what's expected of them * Jon, Dave, Elly - Flesh out operations on hive wiki MakerFaire * Ryan there will be a staging area on the cnc table for the next week * Elly - get another banner for makerfaire Money / Accounts * jim/jon contact ian and get access to the stuff he currently owns * jim will get up to speed on exporting reports manually from paypal site * Ryan - Create purchase log Officer Goals * Jim Sheely - Power Series Racing * Ryan - Offsite backups * Jim Dallam - Will produce monthly reports. * Jon - members storage * Brandon - Will announce next board meeting

Area Managers * Ask the mailing list what would incentivize them.

Next MeetingMonday Oct 13 7:30pm at Hive13