Board Meeting - September 9th, 2019

Board Meetings
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Date: September 9th, 2019 Time: 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM


  • Special Votes of the Membership
    • Need CTO Vote to Confirm Drew
      • Vote is prepared and will be sent out tonight
  • Finalize verbiage of family member addendum.
  • Finalize Code of Conduct

  • Satisfying the Government
    • Confirm Registered Agent was updated, Does this update our registered address?
    • Permit needed for Outside Sign, additional requirements? (Dave S intends to obtain permit)

  • Finance
    • Jim needs an Asset Inventory, is this something that can be done via Saturday cleanups and/or wardens?
    • Update on Annual Budget creation.

  • Leadership education stuff
    • How to check security cameras
    • New Member Signup Walkthrough

  • Misc.
    • Do we publicly bring up the Daniel Situation?
    • Basement update?
    • Bento for Business Evaluation starting


Dave B. made request that there be clarification to the membership on where Hive13 liabilities end, and Member Liabilities begin.

Do we publicly bring up the Daniel Situation: General agreement that process was transparent and there is no need for an announcement.  If asked, confirm membership was terminated, point to meeting minutes. Since Daniel was banned from premisses, if he shows up it is trespassing and will be handled accordingly.

Vote for CTO is out, 45% way to quorum.

Family membership change: Dave S. working on it, needs edits.  Will send out

Dave V. is going to revisit Code of Conduct in light of recent events, is available for review and comment, need more input from all leadership.

Action: Dave V: Follow up with Jim on official address change for Tax Documentation.

Action: Dave S: Fill out permit application for sign.  

Action: Dave V: Ask Earl if we can put up sign.

No jim today, so punt Finance discussion other than asset management

Action: Will B. Set up basic method for inventory for implementation by group.

Basement Update: no progress due to other activities

Action: Dave V. meet with Earl to continue negotiations on Cellar

Need people other than Dave V. to help push laser progress

Will sent message to Paul about laser discussion on 9/8/2019 because he had said he would be out of town before, waiting to hear back