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This is the wiki page for a project TP is thinking about.



A rather complicated motion control project I have been contemplating for quite a while requires the ability to control more than one Brushless DC motor. This type of motor is different from your standard DC motor in that it operates more like a three phase AC motor - needing a whole lot more than just a battery and a 10K pot to control. One good thing is that I only need to be able to drive a motor like this in one direction, but compared to the complexity of driving it at all, bi-directionality is minor. Each motor will require a dedicated microcontroller, so unfortunately this will NOT be an Arduino project, at least not at the lower level.

Current Status

This project is currently in the early planning stage.

Work Log

Current Issues

Next Steps

  • Find increase in motivation
  • Procure motor(s)
  • Design / prototype circuit