Bylaws Membership Addendum

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This document defines all membership donation levels for Sad Bee, Inc. as defined in the Bylaws.

Membership Classes

  1. Student Member
    1. Student members shall have the rights and responsibilities of Full Members.
    2. Valid school credentials must be verified by a Board member or Officer.
    3. Dues shall be $13.37 per month.
  2. Full Member
    1. Full members have the right to:
      1. a key or other method of entry to the physical workspace;
      2. twenty-four hour access to the physical workspace;
      3. reasonable inspection rights of corporate records;
      4. store a reasonable amount of equipment at the physical workspace;
      5. 16 minutes of laser cutting time per month which does not roll over.
    2. Dues shall be $50 per month.
  3. Cornerstone Member
    1. Cornerstone members shall have all rights and responsibilities of Full Members.
    2. Dues shall be $100 per month.
  4. Contributor
    1. Contributors do not receive the door code or any other priveleges afforded Full Members.
    2. Contributors are recognized and thanked for their contributions.