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== Source Code ==
== Source Code ==
Get the source here:
Get the source here: https://github.com/Hive13/CANiBUS
== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[VRL Hive13]]
* [[VRL Hive13]]
* http://opengarages.org/
* http://opengarages.org/

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The CANiBUS Server connects one or more CAN devices to one or more researchers. The CANiBUS Server has drivers for each CAN device that abstracts the communication with the client. It provides a method for multiple researchers to connect to a Vehicle and work together to analyze the CANbus system. This allows for an unlimited number of research to work without additional strain on the electrical system of the vehicle. This works well for instructional environment or remote research on a vehicle.

!!!NOTE!!! This is VERY ALPHA. It may cause unexpected results to your vehicle, which may include but are not limited to: stalling, bricking the system, locking the breaks, or becoming a Decepticon. We can not be held responsible for the use of this product.

Server Features

  • Currently supported CAN Devices:
    • CANSIM - CAN bus simulator (built-in)
    • ( more devices will be added as the server matures )
  • Lobby
    • Lists available connected CAN devices
    • Group chat for discussion prior to starting
    • Ability to start a 'hack session' on a device
  • Hack Sessions
    • Read-only mode (instructor mode)
    • Chat private to that hack session


The protocol is documented on the wiki so any client can connect (or bot for that matter). The network protocol is XML an fairly self documenting but you will want to refer to the server source or the wiki if you want to write your own. There is a built-in ncurses client in the client/ folder. This code can be used as an example on how to implement some of the APIs. Ncurses was chosen because:

  • Simple interface
  • Works via SSH
  • Could be used as a server admin tool for CANiBUS server maintenance

Source Code

Get the source here: https://github.com/Hive13/CANiBUS

See Also