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* http://chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=chibios:documents
* http://chibios.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=chibios:documents
* https://github.com/Hive13/CANiTM-Firmware
* http://opengarages.org/
* http://opengarages.org/

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CAN in The Middle (CANiTM) is a flexible hardware tool for monitoring and messing with CAN, LIN and ISO-9141 vehicle data busses. It is designed to operate with CANiBUS software.

Project Manager



  • CANiTM v0.1 Prototypes ETA early October 2012
    • Flexible power sources: vehicle 12V, external power supply, USB
    • STM32F417VET/VGT MCU: 168Mhz Cortex M4 w/ FPU, SIMD, hardware crypto acceleration
    • USB 2.0 FS interface (12 Mbit), libusb compatible
    • 2x CAN interfaces with transceivers
    • 4x ISO9141 K/L line or LIN interfaces with line level drivers
    • 4x Protected digital inputs, routed to TIM5 Input Capture pins
    • 3x SPI Interfaces each with CS line, 2/3 feature some input protection
    • 2x I2C Interfaces each with CS line
    • 4x protected ADC channels, voltage range ~0 to 20V
    • 4x Additional logic level outputs from TIM4
    • 4x N-FET outputs, driven from TIM1 advanced timer PWM facities, ~5-10 amps each (TBD after 3.3v Vgs is evaluated)
    • SDIO interface MicroSD card, multiple Mbyte/sec capable
    • Able to be attached to OBD2 J1962 connectors using "standard" ScanGuage2 RJ45->J1962 cables
    • Chibios/RT RTOS

Sneak Peak

CANiTM preview v01.png

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