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Contest Goal

Your mission is to create a passcode like device that is unique. The more unique the better. This device needs to be "unlocked" by some unusual and unique method. This can be a mechanical, electrical or even a software lock. The device must present an "unlock" state. This can be a big green light, play some music or actually unlock something.

Think of devices like the "knock lock". This is a device that sits behind a wall or door and you "knock" on the wall/door a certain amount of knocks...example: 3 knocks, 2 knocks, 3 knocks ...and the lock will open. This particular lock exists so don't make it ... try to be as unique as possible.

Contest Manager


Contest Participants

Contest End Date

  • Tues. Sept. 29th after the meeting


  • ???

Contest Results

Pics, etc. Will be posted after the contest.


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