Cin-D LOU head

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This is the styrofoam head and the vacu-formed face. The face attaches easily and securely with one velcro strap located at the back of the neck.

We would cut away the front of the styrofoam head to make room for the eye movement mechanisms that would be mounted on the cut front of the styrofoam. We would then cut out the eye sockets on the vacu-formed face. The face is then an easy fit onto the styrofoam, leaving clearances for the working eyes. One thought is to paint the skin green or purple and add circuit components to get a PCB acne tattoo skin effect. Add a wig and the transformation is complete.

Cin-D.head.01.jpg Cin-D.head.02.jpg

This is what the head and face look like.

Cin-D.eyes.01.png Cin-D.eyes.02.png

Initial designs for the eye and eyelid parts. Making the eyelid parts is shown on this page

Cin-D.HS-55.png Cin-D.HS-322HD.png

The intended R/C servos for the eye functions.

Here are some links to youtube videos of other projects that show different mechanisms for the eyes.


And some more