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=Hive13 – Code of Conduct - Be Excellent to Each Other – In Person and Online=
<big>Be Excellent to Each Other – In Person and Online</big>
'''Hive13’s mission is to promote technology, art, craftsmanship, and creativity through education and collaboration.'''
'''Hive13’s mission is to promote technology, art, craftsmanship, and creativity through education and collaboration.'''

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Be Excellent to Each Other – In Person and Online

Hive13’s mission is to promote technology, art, craftsmanship, and creativity through education and collaboration.

Hive13 is a space where everyone is welcome to join in creation, community and collaboration. Some activities will make you think critically, others will turn your thoughts into action.

  • Hive13 Members share responsibility for safety. Safety is our highest priority.
    • If you don’t know how to do something; Ask for help.
      • It's stupid not to ask for help and unpardonable to proceed without confidence.
    • Hive13 members help one another and are receptive to feedback.
      • We consistently treat people with respect and consideration.
      • When innovation and experimentation are encouraged. Positive experiences are created.
    • Everyone shares responsibility to maintain Hive13 facilities and tools.
      • Every one of us has broken and will break something.
        • Just own up to it and work to make repairs. Get help.


Hive13 encourages lively discussions online and in person so that we may learn from each other.

  • Speak and write to help others understand how your experience informs your opinions.
  • Seek first to understand, listen without judgement and then seek to be understood.
  • Don’t Threaten, harass, attack others character, use shaming or call names.+
  • Don’t Dismiss others concerns.

Respect that we all have the right to be different, even when you think that difference is wrong.

Civil conversation is honest and respects our values, while respecting the honesty and values of others.

Being Excellent to Each Other requires us to develop self-awareness, as well as true respect for others.

If you cannot be civil, Hive13 Leadership will take appropriate action, including:

  1. A warning. Good people sometimes go wrong. When informed, they own it and apologize.
  2. Membership Suspension.
  3. Membership Termination. Do something bad enough and we jump right to this step.

No insults, no belittling or personally criticizing; no name-calling or even a back-handed compliments. All forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, are unacceptable here. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnic group, race, religion, political stance or other protected class status; sexual images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following; harassing photography or recording; repeated interruption; repeated violation of an individual’s stated boundaries; inappropriate physical contact, unwanted intrusion into an individual’s personal items or computer systems; and unwelcome sexual attention of any form. Individuals asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Do it twice and you are going to face a motion to terminate your membership. (see Bylaws)

Act from an assumption of mutual respect and good will. Clarify misunderstandings, apologize for harm caused, and assume ignorance rather than malice. Respect other's personal space and possessions. Ask before you touch someone or their belongings. Respect chosen names/pronouns/genders.

All of us in the categories above are fellow Makers.

Safety Guidelines Report all Injuries/Incidents

  • Immediately report ALL accidents, injuries, or incidents to
  • Immediately discontinue use of the tool(s) or equipment if it becomes unsafe, damaged, or is not working properly; notify

Safe Conduct Agreement

  • Use Hive13 equipment safely. Leave Hive13 equipment in clean and working condition.
  • Work and behave in a way that protects your own safety and the safety of others.
  • Makers under the age of 18 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • Ask for help when you are uncertain how to use equipment.
  • CNC Router, Lasers, Lathe, Mill and Welders and many other tools require certification. Contact
  • Abide by safety, and fire regulations and comply with equipment rules on the wiki.

Prepare - Think

  • Safety is your top priority. If you are not sure what to do, ask.
  • Be aware of locations of first aid, fire, and safety equipment.
  • Read the Manual. Read the wiki. Never use a tool unless you’ve been trained to use it safely.
  • Use a step stool or ladder to reach up. Do not climb on tables or chairs.
  • Do not work when tired or impaired by something you consumed.
  • Do not cause a distraction, fool around, or startle anyone while either one of you is using a tool.
  • Think through the entire job before starting. Discuss your project with another member of Hive13. Wardens are happy to assist you if you get stuck.

Use Protective Gear & Dress Right

  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing around moving or rotating machinery.
  • Remove ties, jewelry, lanyards, hoodie strings etc., especially around moving or rotating machinery.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Wear suitable gloves when handling hot objects or sharp-edged items.
  • Do not wear gloves while working with cutting machines. Lathe, Mill, Router, Saws.

Use Tools Correctly

  • Use tools how they are designed to be used. (Except for Power Tool Drag Racing.)
  • Never use a broken tool. Report any broken tools or machinery to immediately.
  • Do not remove tools from Hive13.
  • Never walk away from a tool that is still on.
  • Never tamper with a tool’s safety features. Operate machinery according to recommended procedures and with safety guards in place, as applicable.

Clean Up

  • Clean up after yourself; leave the area clean and tidy.
  • Wash your dishes and clean up your kitchen mess.
  • Clean and return all tools to where you got them.
  • Shut off and unplug machines when cleaning.
  • Never use a rag near moving machinery.
  • Use a brush, hook, or tool to remove chips from the machine. Not your hands.
  • Keep fingers clear of blades and cutters by using tools like a vice, push sticks, hooks, pliers, etc.
  • Keep the floor around machinery clean, dry, and free from trip hazards.
  • Clean up spills immediately and put a chair or wet sign over it, if wet enough to cause a slip.