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Comms Working Group Volunteers

Tools we use

Mailing List (Google Group)

The Google Group is a mainly a mailing list, but it also has "pages" and uploaded files.

The Google Group can be found at:


We are in #hive13 on Java web client.


You're lookin' at it. This mediawiki is our wiki.


Craig set up a twitter account: There is a proxy to it if you want to post to it (see here).


A Facebook group for Hive13 exists at:

Communications Planning

Getting Domain Names

Craig has bought some domains, They have links to all of our sites and is basically just a general portal page.

Group Mailing Lists and Member Accounts

These are hive13 mailings lists. Each ends with of course:

  • membership - To sign up as a member or to ask general membership related questions.
  • comm - Communications Group - Central group to communicate what is going on with Hive13
  • propaganda - Art/Logs/Shirt Designs, etc
  • meatspacers - Group in charge of finding a space for Hive13 to work


  • Use User Accounts as a way of managing membership. This can be used as a single-sign on (SSO) solution and to control multi-tier membership access if so desired.
    • I like this idea if we know of a way to accomplish it. 1243544577

Public vs. Private

  • I think we need to start differentiating between what we consider public and private comms infrastructure. I think there always needs to be something public that is very easily to contribute to, and then in addition to that add the private accounts, rooms, etc, etc. 1243624830

Password Regime

  • who knows which passwords, pin numbers, etc, etc?
  • how/when should passwords be shared?

Other sites we might want to join

  • or
  • blogger or wordpress or similar so we have an actual blog