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Hive13 is a service to the community. You can also perform Community Service at Hive13.



Hive13 is always looking for ways to bring the Hacker Ethic to the local community. We are a federally registered 501c(3) charitable organization so money or items that you or your organization donates is tax deductible.

Also, any time that you donate also qualifies as community service to a charitable organization. You may be able to fulfill school or employer community service obligations by volunteering at Hive13.

Volunteering is a great way to meet the members and friends of the Hive and can be a both fun and fulfilling at the same time.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Classes and Workshops - if you have a skill that you would like to teach a class or run a workshop on, Hive13 can provide classroom space and volunteers to help you. If you aren't interested in teaching, you can volunteer to help out with an existing class or workshop. Volunteering to help with a paid class is a great way to get a discount on class fees.
  • Events - Hive13 hosts a number of events each year that require setup, organizing, and cleanup both before and after. Past Hive13 events include parties, music performances, hack-athons, and LAN parties.
  • Demonstrations - if you have a cool piece of machinery, software, art, music, or craft that you would like to come show off as part of an event or meeting, Hive13 can provide a proper venue.
  • Clubs - Hive13 is home to monthly club meetings, like Cinci2600 and Lock Forensics. If you would like to help out with a meeting, please contact the club organizer. If you would like to start your own club, please contact us either in person or via the mailing list.
  • Games - everyone loves games. If you have a fun board game, card game, role-playing game or video game that you would like to run at the Hive, we are interested in hearing from you. In the past, Hive13 has been home to LAN parties hosted by Ars-Clan and LANslide Gaming.