Creating a keggle

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Creating a keggle

this is a keg kettle, not a keagle!!

We decided to upgrade our system to be able to brew 10 gallon batches at a time. Starting keg.jpg We drew a circle on the keg, outlining where we wanted to cut out.

We opted to use a dremel tool to cut out the lid - we had also heard that people used an angle grinder to do the same task - we just chose to use a dremel tool as it was a little easier to control and we had never used an angle grinder before (but we had used a dremel tool before!)

It took 3.5 of the discs used for cutting metal before the top got cut out and fell into the keg.

Afterwards we were brave enough to drive a pneumatic grinder to grind down the rough edges - didn't want to cut somebody! We used that for the very rough and sharp edges and then followed up with the dremel tool to sand it down (first with a rough grit and second with a fine grit) - it is now so smooth I can run my fingers over the inside or outside of the edge and it feels like butter!!

Top is cut out and smoothed down.

From there, the holes had to be drilled to allow for installation of a ball valve and a sight glass (to be able to determine the volume of liquid in the keggle).