Crosley Jukebox

Hive13 Project
Crosley Jukebox
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Status: Inactive
Start Date: 10/24/2014


Hello, I'm Dustin and this is one of my first big projects to tackle here at the hive. The Crosley Radio was purchased at a thrift store and I thought it would be neat to convert into a jukebox. The project would allow me to learn about restoring of the exterior and interior wood, work with electrical, and micro-controllers.


I want to run the system off a microcomputer. The first knob will control 'power' and volume (If this is too difficult, Power and volume will be the first and second knobs respectfully). Second knob will allow switching to previous or the next song. Third knob will change the genre. Finally, the last knob will switch between internal music or external (via mp3 player). I want to also be able to remote access the micro-controller via a tablet or smartphone if I want to manually adjust anything within the jukebox, or just want to control it from a distance.

Secondary Goals

Other Goals include a blue led to display volume, artist, song length, etc; Blue led in the tuner area for aesthetic reasons, run fm compatibility, and see if audio out can be used to create a surround sound effect.

Current status

Wood feet need fixed, haven't had funds to work on it. Once I have funds the project will be started again.