Current Budget (and prior budget archive)

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Hive13's business accounting year matches the calendar year; January 1 to December 31. Hive13's annual meeting (when we elect officers) occurs mid-summer. Leadership works to publish a 12-month budget semi-annually. The first budget is published at the end of December for the upcoming period January 1 to December 31. Six months later, at the end of June, the second budget is published for the upcoming period, July 1 to June 30.


Income derives from three primary sources:

  • Menbership dues (Cornerstone, Full Member, Full Member Area Warden, Student Member, Student Member Area Warden, and Family Member)
  • Donations (direct to the Hive, and donations from conducting community outreach activities such as "Learn2Solder"
  • Class Income (nominal Member and Guest tuition fees from Hive run classes)
  • Other Sources (such as Soda credits)