December 1, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

New Business

  • uc surplus sale this coming saturday
  • december synchronous hackathon
  • xmas party
  • pizza
  • Mendel
  • cinci2600
  • dualcore video shoot
  • stove
  • MAME
  • first meeting of the month - officer reports

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • Dave
  • Craig
  • Jim
  • Ed
  • Aaron
  • Deckmaster
  • ChrisA
  • Paul
  • Thurman
  • cjdavis
  • hodapp
  • intx80
  • imhotep
  • ramone


Introductions - New People

  • Ed and Aaron
    • are awesome!

Finances - Craig

  • we're doing ok right now
  • we will try to re-institute the profit-point spreadsheet

Secretary - Dave

  • paper still almost filled out
  • might be good to sumbit after the new year, to save money

COO Report - Paul

  • got some new tools - nice!
  • screwdrivers, exacto blades, pvc pipe cutter

CTO - ChrisA

  • fried a cobalt server with fire

Events this Week

  • cinci2600 this friday
    • contests!, prizes!
    • pxe server fun
  • dualcore video shoot this saturday
    • dualcore get here at 9am, start shooting at 10am

uc surplus sale this sat

  • should we go this time? - yeah
  • be at the sale at 9am


  • let's start paying for it out of the coffee can money
  • $25 pizza -> $1 per slice -> $5 dollar profit!

stove - James

  • we would need like 100ft of 10-3 romex ( about $100 of copper)
  • greybar?
  • grant should ok this improvement
  • should grant pay for it too?
  • new pigtail for the stove too?
  • just get a gas stove? - more dangerous?

hackerspaces in Seattle - Craig

  • visited two hackerspaces over the holiday
  • one was totally private, privately funded
  • explosions on $250,000 high-speed video camera
  • second one was like a corporate hackerspace
    • called metrix-create
    • like a fablab type thing
    • everything like pay-as-you-go for anyone to come use

Synchronous Hackathons


  • dec 12th?
  • foxydot?
  • possibility louisville hackerspace people might be

MAME special interest group

  • we need to set up an "arcade night"
  • get people involved

CNC Electronics - James

  • has boards all designed
  • is getting 5 of them built by Seeed Studios
  • drop-in replacement reprap/makerbot electronics


  • Ed adopt this as an official project
  • maybe use james' electronics

Web Shop - Jim

  • how hard would it be to make a little web shop to sell our electronics, tshirts, snowflakes

Entertrainment Junction - Jim

  • Jim went back at thanksgiving time
  • met the software guy this time
  • we could collaborate on projects with them?
    • incline
    • engine yard
    • city streets traffic lights

contact the guy with a cnc that craig knows

  • do some cnc parts in alumnimum
  • craig will hook jim up with contact info

the bay networks switch thingy

  • it is owned by a community group in walnunt hills
  • let's try to get it working
  • we might be allowed to keep it
  • cjdavis is finding out more details about it on friday

Next Actions