December 1, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Housekeeping
    • Leave work surfaces clear!
    • Noise Curfew
    • Liability waiver legibility
  • Hive tool tour
    • Mill update
    • Laser update
  • Space next door


Old Business

  • Housekeeping
    • Clear off work surfaces, people have been great about this lately!
    • Noise curfew - No loud noises from midnight to 8am.
    • Liability waivers - Make sure if someone signs a liability waiver that it is legible please.
  • Hive tool tour
    • Mill has all three linear encoders mounted!
    • Big laser cutter - Shop air was piped in to the laser and the chiller is connected to the laser switch. We're back down to two switches to use the laser now!
  • Space next door
    • Jon met with Grant. Looks likely that we can get the space next door for lower than the listed price.

New Business

  • Hodapp (who won't be here tonight) wanted to bring up that the Cincy IoT meetup is looking for a speaker for their December 10th meeting. Anyone here interested in giving a talk?
  • Vote for air filter (Elly)
    • $200 including a set of replacement filters
    • People who voted on the mailing list - Brad, Kevin, Lorin (all yes)
    • 13 voting members here, all 13 say yes


  • Ryan - Continued setting up his new apartment
  • Dark Ian - Hasn't been down here in a month, hasn't made anything in that month
  • Dave L - Brewed some beer this weekend
  • Daniel (new) - Building a CNC machine, messes around with 3d printers and electronics
  • Stefka - Just graduated with her masters in Mechanical engineering
  • Bill - Printing jet engines this week
  • Mary - Just a recurring visitor, likes checking the space out!
  • Nancy - Still recovering from motorcycle accident
  • - Friend of Daniel and Stefka, engineer
  • Will - Selling drugs (pharma sales rep)
  • Tim - Checking out the space for the last few weeks
  • Andrew - Working on his mendel 90
  • Greg - Pretty sure he did nothing productive at all
  • John M (bludwulf) - Trying out the wood lathe here
  • Elly - Filling out a lot of orders on etsy
  • Lorin - Research, math stuff, lots of other things
  • Curtis - Not a whole lot of interesting stuff
  • Jon - Added dust collection to the band saw
  • Emma - building a minty boost right now, got her first college acceptance letter, brought down some pink and purple ninjaflex.