December 10, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Snow was lame and caused game day cancellation
  • Space Rehab
    • Security camera setup postponed--It will start 5-ish tomorrow night. 4 cables need to be run.
    • Roof leak
  • T-shirts--design was sent out to list

New Business

  • New acquisitions/donations for kitchen
  • Shop tool turnover
  • Mike--interest in DIY-bio workshop with Genomikon?


  • Mike--Router
  • Rob-visitor
  • Ian (president)--bought kitchen stuff and putt it on wiki
  • Dave-replaced Router
  • Nancy-gave someone a sweing lesson
  • Jordan
  • Jon-space wrangler (COO)--working on CNC mill this week!
  • Dave(m)--did Xmas shopping
  • Jim--buying stuff for holiday making, grandfather clock and cindy-lou
  • Chris-scraped off car
  • Hutch--shield for CNC arduino
  • Shadoxx AKA Brandon--aruduino stuff, and tire changing
  • Ryan--played with home network,
  • Tiffany (remote attendee)--passed closed defense
  • Dave (remote attendee)


Cameras Ian will not be around this weekend--let Ian know before thursday We need to know if there will be enough T-shirt orders for a price-break... $13 per T-shirt if we buy $50 They will be printed by custom ink. Jon asked about quality, Ian provided reassurance. Ian--we should also possibly look at business cards/stickers. Jon--vinyl stickers are nice. Dave--will follow up with the guy we got them from last time. Stickermule?

  • Tools--Jim opened up the discussion
  • we should start with a survey.
  • Table saw, which was owned by Ed, has been taken back.
  • Price range for table saw ranges from $200 to $2000.
  • Belt sander for ~200 would be great.
  • More ideas--sheet metal roller, metal working tools, etc.
  • sheet metal break
  • Jon--we have a bit of money to buy tools.
  • Shaddox--we should have kiln? Jon--we have one but its broke. Probably something with wiring.
  • Jon--time frame...?
  • Jim will spearhead a committee.
  • Hive has about $21K in the bank.
  • Suggestion of basic safety course for tools.
    • Jim, + John2.0 can do a monthly training course.
    • Bureau of workers comp will train people on shop safety for free.
  • Hutch--what's a good saw? Some discussion ensued.
  • Ryan--router table was part of last table saw, perhaps we should get one

Mike: DIY bio

Jim--Power tool drag racing

    • Maker faire at museum center next year
    • February 2nd tool show in columbus--invitation to take up the track
  • Ian wants a hive-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Will probably do a stencil to decorate it.
  • Emily--has some stuff to donate if anyone wants it: broken paint sprayer and "chandelier" portion of a ceiling fan