December 13, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible

Old Business

  • CNC Class was Saturday, Dec 10.

Previous Votes

Numbers below are count of members voting Present/No/Yes

  • Remove CNC by Dec 31 - 1/1/15 - Vote Passes.
  • Remove Wood by Dec 31 - 3/1/13 - Vote Passes.
  • Remove Rack by Dec 31 - 3/2/12 - Vote Passes.

New Business

  • Hive Expansion - Vote next week for 1 year trial
    • Pursued this again, they changed the "legal fees" clause in the lease
    • This already was voted in once, but the timeline had expired
    • $250/month, so the vote is for $3000 over the course of a year
    • Many ideas for what to do with the space: moving the meeting area, having larger spaces that would be paid for to work on large projects/have more storage (perk of the Cornerstone membership), moving the lounge, etc.
    • This is not a vote on what to do with it, just to go forward with it and experiment with more space for a year!!
    • More details to follow up on mailing list


  • None scheduled?


Old Business

New Business

Round Tuit