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Observation: The current inventory of arm rods, base plates, hot ends and motors are part of defining the printer geometry. Further design definition is required to document hot end dimensions including center of gravity and mounting in effector. This will constrain minimum effector dimensions. Selection of arm end attachment to effector and carriage (rod ends or magnet-ball) will further constrain the effector design. Using these constraints the effector geometry can be designed to maximize effector stability as defined in the excellent RepRap Delta_Geometry article.

The effector design, defines the arm spacing which is required to define the carriage. Once the column spacing, effector, arms and carriage are roughed out in dimensions the print envelope can be calculated.

See RepRap – Delta Geometry

Hive13 Project
Delta 3D Printer
Status: Active
Project Owner: Open
Project Location: FabLab
Where to contribute: We need to complete the design. We will need to design all the printed parts. Print 3D parts.
Start Date: 01/31/2018
End Date: MM/DD/YYYY