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Hive13 Project
Delta 3D Printer
Status: Active
Project Owner: Open
Project Location: FabLab
Where to contribute: Need to complete the design and print 3D parts.
Start Date: 01/31/2018
End Date: MM/DD/YYYY


Build a Delta 3D printer for the Hive.


Create a Delta 3D printer from some existing parts and 3D print the remaining parts.

Observation: The current inventory of arm rods, base plates, hot ends and motors are part of defining the printer geometry. Further design definition is required to document hot end dimensions including center of gravity and mounting in effector. This will constrain minimum effector dimensions. Selection of arm end attachment to effector and carriage (rod ends or magnet-ball) will further constrain the effector design. Using these constraints the effector geometry can be designed to maximize effector stability as defined in the excellent RepRap Delta_Geometry article.

The effector design, defines the arm spacing which is required to define the carriage. Once the column spacing, effector, arms and carriage are roughed out in dimensions the print envelope can be calculated.

Project Manager

Lorin Parker


  • James
  • Dave

Project Status

We are going through the existing parts (motors, carbon tubes, boards, build plates).

Got approval from the Hive for $250 to spend on parts and stuff.

Build has expanded to create a more unique printer with better parts. Lorin has taken the reigns as the project leader.

We have a project Mailing List [1]

Inventory of Stuff We Have:

Bar, carbon fiber tube OD 11.93 mm, ID 9.98 mm

·       Qty 46  183 mm long

·       Qty 28  750 mm long

Arm, carbon fiber tube OD 5.83 mm, ID 3.62 mm

·       Qty 30  226 to 229 mm long

·       Qty  6    Same arm with rod end attached

Rod End – Alignment range measured at +/- 37 degrees

·       Qty 60 approximate ( may be missing bearing inserts ) Pressed one together, it works.

Hot End assembly Some with, some without fans – General physical dimensions

Build Plate – 262 mm across minor axis 305 mm across major axis 



Hot ends


Budget Tracking

Item Description Cost (each) Quantity Cost Remain
Initial Budget 250
Motor purchase ? ? 100 150

Project Needs

Reference - Deepak Kandepet - Marlin 3D printer firmware: Delta inverse kinematics [3]

  • Print the pieces we can
  • Figure out what we need to buy

Project Updates

February 11, 2018 Spreadsheet updated 3/17/18

Dave wrote a spreadsheet for generalized Linear Delta Printer inverse kinematics using the naming conventions used by Steve Graves with aid from analysis by Deepak Kandepet. The spreadsheet allows for input of printer physical parameters, x, y, z hot end positions and displays resulting carriage positions, arm angles and motor step pixelated motion at the hot end. Link to download Inverse Delta Kinematics .xls file from Google Drive [4] Note: The spreadsheet was updated and corrected on 3/17/18 to add carriage off-set and correct a couple of minor errors.

January 30, 2018

Brad, James and Dave got together and decided on a triangle frame and two vertical rods per corner.


  • RepRap – Delta Geometry  [5]