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The effort to design and build our own has moved to a separate Project Page:  [[Inkjet Eggbot]]
The effort to design and build our own has moved to a separate Project Page:  [[Inkjet Eggbot]]
= Overview =
=== Summary ===
[[Image:eggbot-logo.png|300px|right|Eggbot Logo]]
This project is to design and implement a machine which will automatically paint or draw on eggs.
=== Project Manager ===
=== Contributors ===
* [[User:Vendy|Vendy]]
* [[User:Paul|Paul]]
* [[User:DaveMenninger|Dave]]
* [[User:Traylerphi|TP]]
* This project needs more contributors!
= Project Status =
Jim is organizing people to help with the project.
= Project Needs =
* This project will need eggs! Lots of eggs! ...eventually.
= Project Updates =
We will be holding a brainstorming session before the meeting next Tuesday ([[August 25, 2009]]).  If you want to participate, show up no later than 7:00 pm.
== Software ==
=== Egg.in File Format ===
This is the format of the dimensions of the egg.  This is just one curve from top to bottom of the egg mapped out as an x,y vertex curve.  These dimensions are used to adjust a Sphere to match the curve of the egg.
Example file:
Comments are supported if the begin with a '#' character.
=== Blender Eggbot v0.1 PoC ===
This is just a proof of concept but it can read in the Egg.in file and will hopefully be able to map the image as a UV texture then instruct the arduino to print it...
[[Image:ss1-alpha.jpg|500px|center|Screenshot of Alpha PoC]]
= Links =
= Links =

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Hive13 Equipment
List of All Documented Equipment

Owner/Loaner: User:REd86
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: The Original EggBot (google)
Arrival Date: 02/2011
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: yes
Contact: User:REd86
Floorplan: 1A


This page is about the EggBot Hive13 currently has. It is an official EggBot on loan from Ed. http://www.egg-bot.com/

The effort to design and build our own has moved to a separate Project Page: Inkjet Eggbot


Bruce Shapiro's Egg Plotter

From the American Egg Board, “the incredible edible egg” public relations folks

The official US Department of Agriculture standard in 14 pages, not for the squeamish

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The wikipedia history of Pysanka, another example of a pagan tradition co-opted by the Christian religion

Ukrainian Hand Painted Pysanka in different styles and materials

The wikipedia on the Easter egg, lots of various examples, check out the photo of the delicate perforated egg, “Sleeping Beauty”

The very fancy Faberge eggs

Easter eggs have a special meaning for software geeks

Example GOOGLE and YAHOO Easter eggs

Cartography, or global mapping is related to projecting a design onto an egg

The Mercator and other map projections

Timeline of ancient maps

Another example of mappings, 3-D anamorphic street art

Bruce Shapiro’s eggbot at Maker Faire 2009

Bruce Shapiro and son Ben are marketing egg-bot kits on the web

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