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This project is to design and implement a machine which will automatically paint or draw on eggs.

Project Manager



Project Status

Jim is organizing people to help with the project.

Project Needs

  • This project will need eggs! Lots of eggs! ...eventually.

Project Updates

We will be holding a brainstorming session before the meeting next Tuesday (August 25, 2009). If you want to participate, show up no later than 7:00 pm.


[ Bruce Shapiro's Egg Plotter]

[ From the American Egg Board, “the incredible eatable egg” public relations folks]

[ The official US Department of Agriculture standard in 14 pages, not for the squeamish]

[ More USDA egg facts]

[ So you think you want to make a Ukranian Pysanky egg?]

[ The wikipedia history of Pysanka, another example of a pagan tradition co-opted by the Christian religion]

[ The wikipedia on the Easter egg, lots of various examples, check out the photo of the delicate perforated egg, “Sleeping Beauty”]

[ The very fancy Faberge eggs]

[ Easter eggs have a special meaning for software geeks]

[ Example GOOGLE and YAHOO Easter eggs]

[ Cartography, or global mapping is related to projecting a design onto an egg]

[ The Mercator and other map projections]

[ Timeline of ancient maps]

[ Another example of mappings, 3-D anamorphic street art]

[ Bruce Shapiro’s eggbot at Maker Faire 2009]

[ Bruce Shapiro and son Ben are marketing egg-bot kits on the web]

[ Another simple but complete eggbot kit within an interesting web site]