Electric Shop Furnace

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Hive13 Project
Electric Shop Furnace
Status: Active
Start Date: 12/21/2009


I am going to be building an Electric Shop Furnace so I can start casting my own metals for various projects from scrap metals readily found on trash day.

Project Members

  • Ed (Project Leader)
  • Add your name to the list if you want to participate

Current Status


There are several designs for these, both using gas & electricity. I am opting for electric since it is quieter and safer. I don't play on melting steel or other metals that have a higher melting point. I have the plans that are described at Dan's Workshop. This design should allow us to work with softer metals like aluminum, copper & brass.

Next Steps

  • Get materials to start build
    • Heating element
    • 10 Firebricks (9" x 4½" x 2½")
    • 150lbs of Super Kastite 3000
    • 8" air duct, galvanized (4' long)
    • 2 Pairs of garage door handles (4 total handles, includes hardware)
    • 24” Galvanized water pipe, ½ ” NPT (Furnace Legs)
    • 1 Small roll of 18 guage galvanize wire (Base Reinforcement)
    • Box Sheet metal screws, 2” (Fasteners for terminal cover)
    • 2 Stainless steel screws, 3 ½ ” x 10-24 (Terminals)
    • 8 Screws, 1” x 10-24, zinc finish (Seam fasteners)
    • 12 Nuts, 10-24, zinc finish (Seam fasteners, Terminal nuts)
    • 4 Flat Washers, 10-24, zinc (Terminals)
    • 6 Carriage Bolts, 2” x ¼ ”-coarse thread (Leg hardware)
    • 6 Nuts, ¼ ”-coarse thread (Leg hardware)
    • 1 Sheet Metal 2” x 4” Stud (Terminal cover, control box)
    • high-temp flat-black barbeque paint
  • Electrical Items
    • 3” Round or octagon electrical plate cover (Vent Hole Lid)
    • 1 Infinite Range control (may need to purchase at appliance store)
    • Spade connectors for infinite range control
    • 10 feet of 12-2w/G heavy duty power cord, rubber coated
    • 1 Romex clamp, 5/8” or to fit above cord
    • 1 Plug, 240v, 20 amp
    • 1 Receptacle, 240v, 20 amp
    • 1 Breaker to fit your panel, 20 amp
    • Length of 10-2w/G Romex wire (to run wire to receptacle)

Useful Links