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General Information

  • We use white-colored outlets, switches, and wall plates. Some of the older stuff is a mix of ivory and black, but use white whenever purchasing anything.
  • If it's installed on masonry, use galvanized steel plates and white outlets.

Needed Upgrades


  • A high-amperage 120/240 drop in the dirty room. 50A at least; 60A would be better. (Not sure if necessary)
  • Popcorn machine (Waiting for machine's final destination)


  • Inspect load on main space light circuit and see if we can put two to four more lights on it. (Greg and Jon discovered it's about 6½ amps, so there's room.)
  • One more light in the woodworking area. (high importance)

The annex

  • A 20A 120V drop for new and existing lighting and the ceiling fan.
  • Figure out what the hell is wrong with the one outlet that pops breakers when stuff's plugged into it.

Breaker panels

We put a new breaker panel in the dirty room. It is fed from Panel 2, and supplies 125A. This will allow us to run more circuits, as they will be cheaper and easier. The drawing will get some updates when I (Greg) track down the source.

Circuits in Panel 1

? (20A) 1 2 ? (20A)
? (20A) 3 4 ? (20A)
? (20A) 5 6 Several dirty room outlets, one woodworking area outlet,

one outlet behind hand tools shelf (20A)

Outer lounge corner pillar and CNC ACs (20A) 7 8 Pillar by thermostat (20A)
? (20A) 9 10 Meeting area pillar and kitchen lights (20A)
? (20A) 11 12 West wall outlets (20A)
? (20A) 13 14 ? (20A)
? (20A) 15 16 ? (20A)
? (20A) 17 18 ? (20A)
Lounge North and East walls (20A) 19 20 ? (50A)
? (20A) 21 22
Server rack (20A) 23 24 At least some in the Annex. (20A)
Outlet behind manual mill (20A) 25 26 ? (20A)
Woodworking area pillar (20A) 27 28 Behind fridge (20A)
Woodworking area outside wall (20A) 29 30 Lounge North wall, west corner(20A)
  • Circuits P1B28 and P1B30 share a neutral but are NOT gang-trip.

Circuits in Panel 2

? (20A) 1 2 Feed to Panel 3 (125A)
? (20A) 3A 4
? (20A) 3B
? (50A) 5 6 ? (50A)
7 8
? (50A) 9 10 ? (60A)
11 12
? (20A) 13 14 Dust collector (20A)
15 16
Big CNC (20A) 17 18 Compressor (20A)
19 20
? (50A) 21 22 Annex East Wall for 3D Printers (20A)
23 24 Pillar DE12 in the Annex (20A)
A/Cs in Annex (30A) 25 26 Big Laser (20A)
Blank 27 28
Blank 29 30 Blank

Circuits in Panel 3

Lounge A/C (20A) 1 2 Single drop to A/C on west wall (15A)
3 4 Outlet next to breaker panel (20A)
South wall of Lounge (20A) 5 6 Drop to electronics area (20A)
Drop on dirty room west wall (20A) 7 8 Drop on Dirty Room North Wall (20A)
Meeting area lights (20A) 9 10 Exhaust Fan (20A)
Spare 60A Breaker 11 12
13 14 Lathe (20A)
Blank 15 16
Blank 17 18 Outlet above new storage (20A)
Blank 19 20 Blank
Blank 21 22 Blank
Blank 23 24 Blank

Current outlet layout

This is a very rough layout of where outlets are in the hive. The text is the circuit breaker panel (panel 1, 2, or 3) followed by the breaker that the outlet is connected to. These locations are not exact and many outlets have not been traced yet (shown by a question mark). HIVE13.floor.plan.outlets.png


  • The fab lab and lounge lights are tied in to the majority of the outlets in those room. They are on P1B19.
  • The main lights in the space I believe are on breaker 4.
  • The electronics area lights are on ??
  • The kitchen area lights are on ??
  • The dirty room lights are on??


Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015

Jon and Greg poured blood, sweat, and tears into getting the conduit installed for panel 3. All that remains is feeding four strands of prohibitively stiff wire through eighty feet of conduit, then we'll have power!

Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015

Jon , Greg and Andrew got three of the wires run through the conduit. Close!

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015

Jon , Greg and Andrew got the last wire through the conduit. Bought the wrong size lug nut for the neutral tie in for panel 2, but we got the power running temporarily until we can fix that. Jon ran wire from panel 3 to the two unfinished boxes in the dirty room and the box by the electronics area. They only need to be tied in to panel 3. The high intensity LED light was also tied in to the switch for the welding warning light.

Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015

Greg finished installing the neutral wire into the panel, so it is now completely working. The feed to the electronics area was also completed.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 2015

Greg finished installing the west wall dirty room drop and removed the odd wire coming off of the meeting room wall drop.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Greg added a switch for the CNC Router.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Greg changed around P3B1&3 and P3B5 to be in each other's place so that the 220V drop could power the Lounge's A/C.

NEMA Connectors in use

NEMA 6-50

A NEMA 6-50 Receptacle