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We have one. This will contain a drawing of where all of our outlets are, how the are wired together, what voltage and current they can handle, and what breaker they are connected to.

Needed Upgrades

Important ones

  1. Fab lab 240V 20A drop for the new laser + chiller.
  2. Fab lab 120V 20A drop - four outlets on the east wall.
  3. Dirty room/metal room badly needs a minimum of one 120V 20A drop. Two would be even better.
  4. Install an extra plug spot on the 220V outlet in the woodworking area so we can have both the dust collector and table saw running at the same time.
  5. A high-amperage 120/240 drop in the dirty room. 50A at least; 60A would be better.
  6. At least one drop to the electronics area.

Still need to plan these

  • Inspect load on main space light circuit and see if we can put two to four more lights on it. (Greg and Jon discovered it's about 6½ amps, so there's room.)
  • Ian Blais would like one near the CNC area for the popcorn machine. Could be useful for the CNCs as well.
  • One more light in the woodworking area. (badly needed)
  • One more in the CNC area. (not as badly needed)
  • One more over meeting area. (not as badly needed)


We're putting a 125A panel into the dirty room and branching out from there. I've re-arranged the upgrades above in the order they'll likely get done Greg J Arnold (talk) 22:27, 20 July 2015 (EDT)

Current outlet layout

This is a very rough layout of where outlets are in the hive. The text is the circuit breaker panel (panel 1 or 2) followed by the breaker that the outlet is connected to. These locations are not exact and many outlets have not been traced yet (shown by a question mark). HIVE13.floor.plan.outlets.png


The fab lab and lounge lights are tied in to the majority of the outlets in those room. They are on P1B19. The main lights in the space I believe are on breaker 4. The electronics area lights are on ?? The kitchen area lights are on ?? The dirty room lights are on??

Breaker boxes

Take pictures of breaker box or just make a drawing of it?