Electrical System - 2929 Historical/Panel 3

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This page includes historical information about our old space in 2929 Spring Grove Ave. See Electrical System for the new space in 2701SG.

Lounge A/C (20A) 1 2 Single drop to A/C on west wall (15A)
3 4 Outlet next to breaker panel (20A)
South wall of Lounge (20A) 5 6 Blank (20A)
Drop on dirty room west wall (20A) 7 8 Drop on Dirty Room North Wall (20A)
Meeting area lights (20A) 9 10 Exhaust Fan (20A)
NEMA 14-50 Receptacle on Metal Room North Wall (60A) 11 12
13 14 Lathe (20A)
(20A) 15 16
(20A) 17 18 Outlet above new storage (20A)
Blank 19 20 (20A)
Blank 21 22 (20A)
Blank 23 24 Blank