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The Electronics Area

The electronics area exists on the two desk areas in the portion of the two pallet racks that are closest to the window. (Located in 3C) It is divided roughly into an assembly area (closest to the meeting area) and a testing area (closest to the dirty room). There is an anti-static mat down on top of both desks.

We're starting to get a useful collection of things for working with electronics. I decided to try to document what all we have because I heard at least three people say, "Wow, we have one of those?"

Items on loan to the hive are parenthetically noted. Items owned by the hive are noted 'hive13'

So without further ado...

BTW, please feel free to add more information / details!

Soldering Tools in the Area

  • Weller WES50 Temperature control soldering iron (cjdavis) - located on top of workbench, plugged in
  • Xytronic 968 Combination temperature control soldering iron / desoldering iron station (daveb) - located on top of workbench, plugged in
  • Soldering tweezers (player2) ( link)
  • Tenma Fume extractor fan (hive13?) - located on top of workbench, plugged in
  • Leaded Rosin core solder, several rolls (hive13) - located on assembly bench
  • Lead free solder, one or two rolls (hive13) - located on assembly bench
  • Homebrew 2x4 stand that says "SMT ONLY" with tool holder, solder tip cleaner, selection of extremely fine point tweezers for small parts, liquid flux pen for SMT work, 28AWG No-clean solder for SMT work, 28 AWG water clean up solder for SMT work, 21 AWG water clean up solder for SMT work. Please note: this solder is expensive (~$50 / lb - roll) so do not use it for through-hole stuff. (hive13) - located on top of workbench by soldering irons.
  • Solder Paste dispenser - this is not actively set up but it is a matter of connecting attachments and going to town. (hive13) - located behind soldering irons on main workbench, attachments etc. in box below controller. Foot pedal in box with dev kits on lower shelf
  • Small air compressor - intended to run solder paste dispenser. (daveb) Located on lower shelf under main workbench
  • Temperature-controlled hotplate - not sure exactly where this is located or where it should be kept but we have one of these. (hive13?)
  • Solder paste - in the fridge in the dirty room, keep it refrigerated! (hive13)
  • Reflow oven - stainless steel toaster oven with homebrew PID temperature controller (hive13)
  • Stereo Microscope (jon) - assembly area, comes and goes
  • Wave solder machine (daveb) - dirty room for storage, by a dedicated 20A circuit plug to use

Testing tools we have

  • Tenma 40 Mhz oscilloscope, has probes (hive13) - located on testing bench
  • Rigol 50Mhz DSO (daveb) - located on testing bench
  • ?40Mhz DSO (jon) - located on testing bench, comes and goes
  • Fluke handheld Oscilloscope - located on testing bench
  • BitScope USB logic analyzer - located on testing bench
  • Bench multimeter - located on testing bench
  • Handful of cheap shitty multimeters - located on testing bench and assembly area
  • Several other oscopes that are untested/not set up - scattered
  • PC running linux on testing bench

Programmers, Power supplies, etc.

  • Olimex USB JTAG with OpenOCD debugger support ( link ) (hive13)
  • usbtinyisp AVR microcontroller programmer ( link) (cjdavis Uses AVRDUDE programmer software. (instructions)
  • Willem Parallel port EPROM programmer (link) (hive13)
  • Serial interface Smart Card programmer for Satellite use (unknown, need to track down docs) (hive13)
  • Sparkfun USB->TTL converter with FT232 chip
  • "Hondalog" FTDI USB->TTL interface with FT232 chip(product pin-config) (hive13) - in box close to wall under workbench
  • Pasco model 8000 adjustable power supply - located on main workbench area close to scope

Note: many of these are AWOL as of 3-13. You may have to look hard.

Dev boards

  • Lattice XP2 Brevia FPGA dev kit - complete and in box (link) (hive13)
  • Stellaris LM3S811 Cortex 50 Mhz Cortex M3 ARM - complete and in box (link) (hive13)
  • mbed NXP1768 96 Mhz Cortex M3 ARM - complete and in box (docs) (blundar)
  • Olimex 70 Mhz ARM7TDMI ARM NXP LPC2103 dev board - needs Olimex USB JTAG (link) (hive13)
  • Renesas M16C dev board with RTA-FoUSB-MON debugger/programmer (no link)
  • Ti MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) and Capacitive Touch BoosterPack (430BOOST-SENSE1) x2 (link) (cjdavis)
  • STM32L-DISCOVERY (STM32F152 - 32Mhz low power Cortex-M3 ARM) can also be used as a USB ST-Link debug interface. Product page (hive13) (used for Reflow oven)
  • STM32F4-DISCOVERY (STM32F407 - 168Mhz 1Mbyte flash / 192k RAM / floating point Cortex-M4) Has accelerometer and a bunch of other goodies, USB interface. Product page (hive13) (missing?)


  • Toaster Oven reflow oven for solder paste / surface mount soldering. Have toaster oven. Mostly functional
  • CNC Solder paste dispenser/applicator - planning stage.
  • Refine SMT assembly methods

Wish list

  • Convert some computer power supplies into +5 / +12v power supplies. Mount under bench to avoid clutter.
  • Another decent soldering iron or two.

Electronic components

  • There is a fairly large selection of wire on racks by the window ranging from about 10 AWG to 24 AWG.
  • add me!!!

Consumable Supplies

The main consumable supplies in the electronics area are solder and soldering supplies. For many of these things, other brands/part numbers may work ok. These part numbers are for the exact replacement of what has been used successfully at the Hive:

  • The Flux pen for hand SMT soldering Kester 2331-zx (may be discontinued)
  • 21 AWG Water clean solder - Kester 24-6337-6403 $65/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1300-ND)
  • 28 AWG Water clean solder - Kester 24-6337-6422 $90/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1303-ND)
  • 28 AWG No-Clean solder - Kester 4-6337-8806 $91/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1405-ND)

Borked Items

Stuff breaks. We have a decent amount of broken or marginally working stuff. Eventually this stuff might get fixed or repaired but for now it's just broken.

  • Tenma 72-6340 De-soldering iron (player2) - located in "broken solder stuff box" above assembly area
  • Tenma 72-925 Temperature control soldering iron (hive13) - located on top of workbench, plugged in