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The Electronics Area

Area Warden - Lorin Parker --Lorin Parker (talk) 19:01, 17 July 2015 (EDT)

The electronics area exists on the two desk areas in the portion of the two pallet racks that are closest to the window. (Located in 3C) It is divided roughly into an assembly area (closest to the meeting area) and a testing area (closest to the dirty room). There is an anti-static mat down on top of both desks.

Items on loan to the hive are parenthetically noted. Items owned by the hive are noted 'hive13'. If not noted, it is probably owned by Hive13, but please ask if uncertain.

Please keep table tops clear and clean.

Please do not borrow individual hand tools, take a tray if working on repairs, etc away from electronics area. This keeps the tools together and prevents small tools from disappearing all over the space.

Test equipment tested and in spec unless otherwise noted as of 5/2015 - --Lorin Parker (talk) 19:01, 17 July 2015 (EDT)

Soldering Tools in the Area

  • Weller WES50 Temperature control soldering iron (cjdavis) - located on top of workbench, plugged in
  • Xytronic 968 Combination temperature control soldering iron / vacuum desoldering iron station (daveb) - located on top of workbench, plugged in
  • Soldering tweezers (player2) ( link)
  • Weller activated carbon fume extractor fan (LorinP) - located on solder bench, plugged in
  • Leaded Rosin core solder, several rolls (hive13) - located on shelf of soldering bench
  • Lead free solder, one or two rolls (hive13) - located on shelf of soldering bench
  • Three tool trays containing tweezers, hemostats, wire strippers, and other hand tools. IMPORTANT: When using these tools away from the primary electronics bench, please take the entire tray so electronics tools stay together and get returned. "Grab a tray, not a tool!".
  • 2x4 stand that says "SMT ONLY" with solder tip cleaner, 28AWG No-clean solder for SMT work, 28 AWG water clean up solder for SMT work, and 21 AWG water clean up solder for SMT work. Please note: this solder is expensive (~$50 / lb - roll) so do not use it for through-hole stuff. (hive13) - located on top of workbench by soldering irons.
  • Flux pens, liquid flux, solder paste. In mini fridge below bench. Make sure this fridge stays on, these items must be stored cold.
  • Solder Paste dispenser - this is not actively set up but it is a matter of connecting attachments and going to town. (hive13) - located in labeled box on shelf above soldering bench.
  • Shop air compressor quick connect.
  • Reflow oven - stainless steel toaster oven with homebrew PID temperature controller (hive13)
  • Stereo Microscope (jon) - assembly area, comes and goes
  • Wire, clips, leads, etc - hanging on wall.
  • Large Panavise circuit board holder (LorinP)
  • Nifty flexible 3rd hand (Jon)
  • Traditional 3rd hand
  • Magnifier lamps, headbands, lenses.
  • Wave solder machine (daveb) - no longer at hive13. If you require the use of it, contact daveb.

Testing tools we have

  • Tektronics 453 analog scope (hive13) - -excellent analog scope, in spec 5/2013 link more info
  • Tenma 40 Mhz oscilloscope -slightly out of calibration, but good (hive13) - located on bench
  • Rigol 50Mhz DSO (daveb) - located on testing bench
  • Regulated, adjustable power supplies (hive13)
  • Wavetech function generator
  • Isolation tranformer
  • BitScope USB logic analyzer - located on testing bench
  • HP 3437A 7.5 digit bench multimeter link manual
  • Handful of cheap multimeters - located on wire shelf
  • Test leads, BNC's, and probes - hung in lead holder mounted on window sill
  • Alligator clip leads, meat hooks (grabber clips), jumber wires - hung in lead holder
  • Extech lead adapter kit to use clip, probe, meat hook on any test equipment. - in plastic drawers below bench.
  • Several other oscopes that are untested/not set up - scattered

Programmers (Located in plastic drawers under bench)

  • Adafruit usbtinyisp AVR microcontroller programmer ( link) (cjdavis Uses AVRDUDE programmer software. (instructions)
  • Olimex 2101 DEV ARM-USBTINY LPC2148
  • Serial interface Smart Card programmer for Satellite use (unknown, need to track down docs) (hive13)
  • Crystal Fontz LCD
  • Amex CC card reader
  • OneFrog USB-Serial bridge
  • Datarase EPROM eraser
  • Willem Parallel port EPROM programmer (link) (hive13)

Dev boards (Located in plastic drawers under bench)

  • TI Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120 (arduino compatible dev board)
  • TI C2000 Piccolo Launchpad xL-F28027 (arduino compatible dev board)
  • 2 TI MSP430 Launchpads (arduino compatible dev board)
  • Stellaris LM3S811 Cortex 50 Mhz Cortex M3 ARM - complete and in box (link) (hive13)
  • mbed NXP1768 96 Mhz Cortex M3 ARM - complete and in box (docs) (daveb)
  • Olimex 70 Mhz ARM7TDMI ARM NXP LPC2103 dev board - needs Olimex USB JTAG (link) (hive13)
  • HackRFBlue Software Defined Radio
  • Lattice XP2 Brevia DevKit dev board


  • PCB and Stencil Etching setup (LorinP) - Heated Bubbler Tank, exposure/development equipment and supplies. Update (7/2015)- Almost ready. Lorin needs to mix and prepare chemicals and set up venting.
  • Toaster Oven reflow oven for solder paste / surface mount soldering. Works (7/2015), see project pages for instructions.
  • Refine SMT assembly methods - Solder stencil chemical etching possible with Al and copper sulphate etchant (do not use FeCl or CuCl etchant).

Wish list

Electronic components

  • There is a fairly large selection of wire on racks by the window ranging from about 10 AWG to 24 AWG.
  • Many Asst. components - ask area warden for details.

Consumable Supplies

The main consumable supplies in the electronics area are solder and soldering supplies. For many of these things, other brands/part numbers may work ok. These part numbers are for the exact replacement of what has been used successfully at the Hive:

  • The Flux pen for hand SMT soldering Kester 2331-zx (may be discontinued)
  • 21 AWG Water clean solder - Kester 24-6337-6403 $65/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1300-ND)
  • 28 AWG Water clean solder - Kester 24-6337-6422 $90/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1303-ND)
  • 28 AWG No-Clean solder - Kester 4-6337-8806 $91/lb-roll (Digikey: KE1405-ND)

Alphametals rosin core solder - (may be discontinued)

Borked Items

Stuff breaks. If something is broken it is listed here until repaired: