Electronics Assembly

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Professional Electronics Assembly

Let's face it... Putting together electronics can be hard. This page is intended to be a reference guide for getting something you have designed professionally made. (I'm going to gradually populate this page with more information - DaveB.)

Local Electronics Assembly Shops

DFE Woodlawn/Cincinnati. PB and ROHS. Will do prototype as well as 100+ unit production runs. End-to-end i.e. PCB and PCBA (DaveB has used for his business. Did very well.)

Spectratech Batavia/Greater Cincinnati Tend to work on bigger like multiple thousand production runs. (DaveB has used at a consulting job. Did very well.)

Non-local Electronics Assembly Shops

These are more "traditional" contract assembly shops where you probably are going to need to communicate via email, exchange gerbers, etc.

Advanced Circuits - Colorado. PB and ROHS. PCBs and full assembly, based in US, tend to be moderately pricey. (DaveB has used for his business with mixed results.)

Bittele - Canada. untested

New-age Electronics Manufacturing Shops

These shops tend to be end-to-end manufacturers that do PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and sometimes component sourcing all from a web interface.

Macrofab Houston TX. ROHS only. Will do prototype as well as 100+ production runs. (DaveB has used for his business. Did very well. Very reasonable prototypes if you stay in "standard" spec.)

Circuit Hub untested

PCB-NG Brooklyn, NY. Interesting flat-pricing-per-area model, untested.