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Professional Electronics Assembly

Let's face it... Putting together electronics can be hard. This page is intended to be a reference guide for getting something you have designed professionally made. (I'm going to gradually populate this page with more information - DaveB.)

Multi-vendor search

PCB Shopper also has an assembly pricer that will get instant quotes from a number of vendors both domestic and foreign. (Dave's note: I've seen considerable variation in actual quoted pricing from what this search engine turns up, both cheaper and more expensive surprisingly)

Local Electronics Assembly Shops

DFE Woodlawn/Cincinnati. PB and ROHS. Will do prototype as well as 100+ unit production runs. End-to-end i.e. PCB and PCBA (DaveB has used for his business. Did very well.)

Spectratech Batavia/Greater Cincinnati Tend to work on bigger like multiple thousand production runs. (DaveB has used at a consulting job. Did very well.)

Non-local Electronics Assembly Shops

These are more "traditional" contract assembly shops where you probably are going to need to communicate via email, exchange gerbers, get a quote, etc.

Advanced Circuits - Colorado. PB and ROHS. PCBs and full assembly, based in US, tend to be moderately pricey. (DaveB has used for his business with mixed results.)

Bittele - Canada. untested

Elecrow China, untested

GIST Electronics Taiwan, untested. (Came highly recommended by Dave's friend Andy who builds aftermarket car ECUs for a living, big on component sourcing)

PCB NW Oregon, untested. (Used by PJRC for assembly of Teensy series boards, at least some of them)

PCB Card China, untested. (Came highly recommended by Dave's friend Ben who builds auto electronic accessories for a living)

PCB Way China, untested.

Premiere Manufacturing Colorado, Untested

Screaming Circuits Oregon, untested

Technotronix - California, seem to push fast turn stuff, untested.

Tempo Automation - California,

Non-traditional Electronics Manufacturing Shops

These shops tend to be end-to-end manufacturers that do PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and sometimes component sourcing. They tend to provide an automated web interface for quoting and ordering without the need for emailing and quoting.

Macrofab Houston TX. ROHS only. Will do prototype as well as 100+ production runs. (DaveB has used for his business. Did very well. Very reasonable prototypes if you stay in "standard" spec.)

Circuit Hub untested

PCB-NG Brooklyn, NY. Interesting flat-pricing-per-area model, untested.