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New Edgecliff Theatre contacted the Hive to see if we could help in an upcoming play called Equus. In this play there will be costumes that have horse heads. The director wanted the horse heads eyes to glow orange. This is where the Hive comes in. This projects tasks is fairly simple. Make several horse heads (around 6) have glowing orange eyes that can be controlled by the actors via a switch.

Project Manager



  • TP - I can help on Tuesday and Thrusday afternoons starting Sept 8th.
  • This project needs more contributors!

Project Status

Awaiting contact with the technical director for more details.

Project Needs

The eyes need to be visible to the entire audience. The auditorium for this play is not very large so this shouldn't be a particular challenge.

  • Decide on the battery pack
  • Decide on the LEDs
  • Decide on the switch
  • Decide on the diffuser method

Project Updates

Soliciting ideas via the mailing list. Some suggestions so far:

  • Jawa Mask Design --Guy Dillion
  • "I have used LEDs in two theatrical applications for Cincinnati Music

Theatre: A magic mirror used in "Beauty and the Beast" and a stripper costume used in "Gypsy." LED lights are very mono-chromatic and will not change colors by putting gel (colored plastic that changes the color of incandescent lights) in front of it. If you put red next to yellow, from 10 feet, you'll never see it." ... "for both applications I used 12v LEDs with built-in resistors." --Eric Bardes