February 25, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Improvement
  • CPS Science Night

New Business

  • Game day
  • Hive13 marketing document
  • Cincinnati DIY calendar


  • Mike
  • Conan--former member, interested in getting involved again
  • Jon
  • Dave-helped to cleanup on saturday
  • Josh
  • Jim--working on robot arm, hurdle is USB working
  • Hutch--M
  • Chris--ferments things
  • Dave--built mail server
  • Franklin
  • Tiffany--worked on dissertation
  • Ryan--Saturday cleanup, leveled pallet racks
  • Ian Mathhews--brought stuff to work on kegerator
  • Shadoxx--propane, propane accessories,
  • Nathan--autonomous blimp
  • Jason--pathfinder adventure map
  • JR--drilling holes
  • Joseph--played minecraft on a big monitor
  • John--pushstick for woodshop
  • Ian--wearable computer system
  • Brad--learned to solder, put a laser pointer on a nerfgun, phaser holster
  • Nancy--rug is taking a long time
  • Jim D (treasurer)
  • Adrian--visitor


  • Jon--space improvement
    • Pallet racks are leveled, nearing finished
    • Saturday cleanup happened
    • working on outer door RFID
  • CPS science night--no updates, watch the mailing list.
  • Game day--This Saturday! see mailing list.

  • Shadoxx--Hive advertisement
    • goal--get the hive marketed more, grow our group, bring in even greater variety of members
    • 1st step is a pamphlet--paper copy of draft was passed around
      • Shadoxx sent it out to mailing list--take a look
    • Looking for volunteers to help.
    • One thing Shadoxx would like help with: turning the text into a nice visually designed flyer.
      • Ellie said she can help
      • Joseph has visual experience and can help
    • This is really simple stuff that we should have been doing from the beginning
      • more "swag" to advertise the hive
      • we need someone to consistently answer the phone/check messages
    • There will be a vote on how much $$ to spend on printing pamphlets, stickers etc.

  • Some discussion followed about space advertisement...
    • Ian M--advertise social side of things?
    • Ian (3.0) has some experience voice-overing intro videos
    • Dave--what will the distribution be?
      • Stack of brochures at hive, local sci-fi and game convetions, schools, etc.
        • Nancy: upcoming Science fiction convention: Millenicon
    • get more links to our webpage around online
    • Our website could use some updating
    • Shadoxx: Goal: In the next 6 months, a full redesign of the website
      • Conan may be able to help.
    • possible formats:business cards? bumperstickers? 3-fold pamplet?
  • Shadoxx is coordinating this effort, talk to him after meeting or email him to help

  • Mike--Cincy DIY calendar
    • monthly paper calendar put together by the Cincinnati DIY facebook group
    • Mike will send them some info about Hive events.
  • March 2nd Tuesday speaker will be Carin, talking about Hexapod robot
  • Short discussion of 2nd tuesday possibilities
    • April will be Robert Inhuman
    • Ham radio, as discusses last meeting.
    • Jason: minecraft talk?
      • Shadoxx--runs minecraft events for libraries, wouldn't be hard.
  • Dave--open data hack-a-thon this thursday. OpenDataCinci
    • Brandery on Vine Street