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HIVE13 is in the 2701SG Building at at 2701 Spring Grove Avenue in the Camp Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati, just off Hopple Street near the CSX Queensgate rail yards and just down the road west from the University of Cincinnati campus.

In case you are arriving by air or orbital drop, 2701SG is located at 39.131402, -84.537307.

If you arrive early, or are just hungry, we recommend you patronize nearby Camp Washington Chili for the city's best 5-way.

We are currently in the process of moving into our new building.

As with all moves Things Are Still Changing. This is the answer for now. It will be updated as things change.

Park in the marked spaces in the parking lot to the North of the building. Please don’t park at the dock doors Unless you are Loading Material.

2701 Parking Map.jpg

Enter 2701 the building from the RECEIVING door at the North East corner. Follow the signs to Hive13 on the 3rd Floor.


Note: Unless you are arriving on a Tuesday evening for an open meeting or we are expecting you, the door will be locked.

In these days of COVID-19 things change fast.

It's best to check the calendar at and make an appointment by emailing