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HIVE13 is in the Anchor Building at at 2929 Spring Grove Avenue in the Camp Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati, just off Hopple Street near the CSX Queensgate rail yards and just down the road west from the University of Cincinnati campus.

In case you are arriving by air or orbital drop, the Anchor Building is located at 39.135161,-84.538563.

If you arrive early, or are just hungry, we recommend you patronize nearby Camp Washington Chili for the city's best 5-way. The yellow Anchor Building at the bend in the road on Spring Grove Ave. We are actually in the building's grey warehouse annex further down on the south east side. In this aerial view, the yellow areas show available on and off street parking. Our front door in the daytime and at night when you can see the working glass block LED display. Ring the door bell! We'll come open the door if we're in.