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Fund Raising Ideas

Membership Dues

Fund Rasing Kick-off Party

  • charge admission?
  • request donations?
  • sell food, drinks?
  • raffle?

Selling Beverages

  • Energy Drinks?
  • Soda?
    • Root Beer?
    • Pepsi / Coke?
  • we need a vending machine or a fridge and a cash box


I think what NYCResistor does is charge for the classes, then give half the $ to the teacher and keep half for the org.

Merch (Online)

Site Link Cost to open a store Base Price for tshirt Profit per shirt Other merch available
SpreadShirt $0 $15-$30 depending on design $0-$20 yes, mostly apparel
Zazzle $0 $16 set your own yes, many items (including bumper stickers)
CafePress $0 $9 set your own yes, many items (including bumber stickers)
PrintMojo $0 $8 set your own -$3.50 fulfillment fee yes, mostly apparel
Design-A-Shirt n/a $10 $0 yes, only apparel
Printfection $0 $13 set your own apparel
Etsy $0 make em ourselves (source for blank tshirts?) set your own ($0.20 fee per listing, 3.5% fee per sale) anything "handmade" can be listed

Pledges (Online)

List of Early Contributions that ought to be Reimbursed

  • $1150 safety deposit (hasn't actually happened yet)
  • $50 to open bank account
  • $125 to incorporate