Galileo's Finger

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Hive13 Project
HIVE13 Tribute to Galileo
Status: Active

Galileo's Finger is HIVE13's maker technology tribute to Glileo Galile, the father of modern Physics. The whole thing will be an obolisk/kiosk thingie that we can take to Maker Faires and shows to publicize our Hackerspace. It is a multi-media art piece with a steam-punk theme.


This is the 3-D CAD model.


The above picture shows the hex-shaped structure and the six approach vectors (two red, two green, two blue) radiating out from where the six distance sensors would be located. The objective is to have some distance sensing ability when a person approaches from one of these six directions. The desired range is roughly 36" down to 6", more or less. These are analog inputs to the Arduino. The Arduino outputs an increasing intensity to the red/green/blue LED outputs. A shorter distance equals a brighter intensity. Once up close, you could wave your hands in front of the sensors to dynamically change the rgb values of the merged LED light.


This is what the real thing looks like. The base structure and glass table top are still being built at this point


Clyde Kober and his Epilog laser shows the laser etching he did on one of the three Corian(R) sign plates for this project. Thanks, Clyde. They look great!


Above is what one of the etched signs looks like mounted on the base. It was spray-painted black and then the paint was sanded off flush with the top surface. The black paint stays in the etched cavities of the border and lettering and has a sharp look.

Galileo.picture1.png Galileo.picture2.png Galileo.picture3.png


Above is the prototype of the Boarduino (Arduino clone) that uses a sonar distance sensor as an input to pulse the set of six red, green, and blue LEDs. The pulse rate increases as you approach the unit.