Gas Bottles and Refill System

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Hive13 Equipment
List of All Documented Equipment
Owner/Loaner: See table
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0054
Make/Model: bottled gas (google)
Arrival Date: 10/2020
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: COO/area warden
Floorplan: Various Locations

Gas Bottles and Refill Summary

Hive13 maintains a set of mixed gas bottles/cylinders/tanks to support member glasswork and welding projects. Reasonable consumption/use of these gasses for member personal projects is an included benefit of Hive13 membership. Donations for normal consumption/usage (and particularly for excessive consumption/usage) are always welcome and highly appropriate. This policy will be periodically reviewed based on ongoing compliance and affordability.

Hive13 uses a six-sigma approach to manage the gas bottles/cylinders/tanks in our inventory. This system and procedure requires the gas-using members to monitor the FULL/EMPTY changing status of this inventory to enable timely exchange for service continuity. The general steps are as follows:

  • An EMPTY/FULL paper tag is hung on each bottle/tank/cylinder with the "FULL" side of the tag visible on the bottle/cylinder/tank when it arrives full at the Hive.
  • If and when a gas-using member determines a bottle/cylinder/tank has become empty, the member first should flip that bottle/cylinder/tank tag over from showing "FULL" to showing "EMPTY".
  • The gas-using member should then promptly notify the COO and/or a warden of the particular bottle/cylinder/tank status change. A post to SLACK channel (which?) is the preferred means of notification.
  • The gas-using member can also inform the COO and/or a warden the current inventory status of remaining "FULL" bottles/cylinders/tanks for that particular gas.
  • The COO is responsible to determine the extent of each gas bottle/cylinder/tank exchange order that is placed.
  • The determined set of empty bottles/cylinders/tanks are to be carted down to the Hive's 1st-floor INSIDE gas bottle exchange station and nearby OUTSIDE propane tank exchange point by end-of-day on the Tuesday before the scheduled Wednesday exchange. Note combination locks are used on the security chains at both locations.

In general, gas bottle/cylinder/tank exchange orders must be placed before the end-of-day two days before delivery day, must have empty bottles/cylinders/tanks carted down to the Hive's 1st-floor INSIDE gas bottle exchange station and nearby OUTSIDE propane tank exchange point by end-of-day on the day before the scheduled exchange. The gas companies only deliver to our region one day a week, see below for delivery days.

This link shows the 2-page PDF document provided to the gas companies to explain their entry access procedure for a gas exchange delivery. This PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL document prepared for the gas companies is NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION, but is exposed here as a Hive member reference to show the location for the Hive's 1st-floor INSIDE gas bottle exchange station and nearby OUTSIDE propane tank exchange point. It included specific details for the setup of the expected safety chain and combination padlock security setup for the exchange at each location.

Exchange Restocking Service

Hive13 has established a exchange restocking service with the following gas companies:

  • American Welding Gas (AWG)
    • As of December 2022, AWG is offering us far better prices than Matheson
    • 1210 Glendale Milford Rd. Cincinnati, Oh. 45215
    • Adam Miller is our Territory Manager, office phone (513) 772-8786
  • Matheson Tri-Gas
    • 1151 Findlay St. Cincinnati, OH 45214.
    • The Inside Sales phone contact is Shane Green at ph: 513.241.5840.
    • The Packaged Gas Outside Sales Rep is Cameron Walton at ph: 513-288-7072
    • Matheson delivers to Hive13 on Wednesday, so orders must be placed by close of business (4:30) on the Monday.

You must initially "own" a tank (that is 10-year certified with more than 2-years life remaining) to use these restocking services. The gas companies will accept empty certified tanks and provide an equivalent full certified tank for an exchange price. You are basically buying "Gas Only". There can be a ~$65 re-certification fee tacked onto the refill exchange if your tank certification has expired.

This restocking service was initiated on October 30, 2020 with the first Matheson Invoice 17926884 and payment via Hive13 check #314 in the amount $251.84.

For the record, Hive13 (and member Kevin McLeod) initially owned the tanks as shown in the table shown below, that are now in this on-going exchange restocking rotation.

Kevin's tanks are on "long-term loan" to Hive13 and are included in the generic rotation as part of the exchange restocking service. Kevin reserves the right to reclaim his loaned tanks by receiving equivalent exchange tanks to his possession from this exchange restocking rotation at some undetermined future date.

It is an open topic for discussion whether to acquire additional tanks of welding gasses to enable un-interrupted restocking service for these gasses.

Description Owned by Hive13 Loaned by Member(s) Total Owned Used for... Restocking Threshold Reorder Quantity
250 ft3 Oxygen 6 2 (Kevin M.) 8 Glassworking
3 4
20 lb. Propane 1 1 (Kevin M.) 2 Glassworking 1 1
30 lb. Propane 2 0 2 Glassworking 1 1
300 ft3 75/25% Ar/CO2 1 0 1 Welding TBD TBD
40 ft3 75/25% Ar/C02 0 1 (Kevin M.) 1 Welding TBD TBD
300 ft3 100% Argon 1 0 1 Welding TBD TBD
40 ft3 100% Argon 0 1 (Unknown) 1 Welding TBD TBD
20 ft3 100% Argon 0 1 (Colin W.) 1 Welding TBD TBD
15 lb. CO2 0 1 (Will B.) 1 Kegerator TBD TBD
140 ft3 Acetylene 1 0 1 Welding TBD TBD