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GigaBot Printer.jpg

Hive13 Equipment
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Owner/Loaner: VPL, Inc
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: GigaBot (google)
Arrival Date: Jan 2014
Does it work?: NO
Certification Needed?: Yes
Floorplan: 1C

About this Item

We were loaned a large format (8 cubit foot build area) printer permanently by the wonderful folks at Virtual Print Labs. Our copy of the agreement is in the portable file folder online.


  • Printing is currently down, maintenance in progress. There are some sample pieces floating around the hive.
  • If you would like to use the Gigabot, please talk to a current user (Bill S, Mike H, others?) to help setup your first print
  • Gigabot is running Marlin firmware and can be controlled by the standard Gcode generated by Repetier etc.
  • If you are already familiar with Repetier:
    • You can find a copy of the Slic3r config on Hubuntu in /mnt/storage/GigaBot/gigabotconfig.ini
    • For convenience, the Slic3r config is also included here: Gigabot.ini
    • Note one issue with this Slic3r file: heated bed should be 0C (no bed) rather than 5C.
    • These settings do not include support, so need to modify if your print has severe overhangs.
    • 3D workstation computer in Fab Lab has repetier with printer and Slic3r settings loaded correctly for Gigabot.
  • Currently, the only way to print on the Gigabot is via the SD card slot--should be FAT16 formatted.

Work Records

  • A heated build plate is on order. Once installed it will allow membership access to printing with a large supply of ABS. (Expected: Jan 2014 by Ivan)
  • The GigaBot is down for repairs. Pending thermocouple replacement and diagnostics. (12/13/14 by Ivan)
    • The thermistor was drilled out and replaced. The heater was heating element was tested. Reassembly is complete, waiting on firmware from RE3D.
    • Firmware link is broken. Email sent.
    • Jim found the firmware was backup, it has been installed. The X & Y axis needed inverted via boolean in firmware.
    • The extruder is currently not responding, swapped stepper driver, no change.
    • Extruder wiring looks fine and appears connected, still looking for a firmware setting. (12/16/14 by Ivan)
  • A workstation class pc has been setup for CAD modeling and controlling the printer. (Feb 2014 by Ian)
  • Currently, the only way to print on the Gigabot is via the SD card slot--need to fix USB port.
    • Update: A new board has been installed, the USB port works but we may need a long USB cable. USB Type is mini. (12/13/14 by Ivan)
  • This item needs a more permanent work surface so that Bill and others can access it with the printer being up off of the floor (Expected Feb 2014 by Ryan).
    • Update: Gigabot has a usable surface in the fab lab (a table with legs removed)--may still upgrade to a welded platform in future.
  • The Gigabot power supply failed, and needs to be replaced. (3/12/14)
    • Update: Bill replaced the power supply, it is alive again! (3/25/2014)


The GigaBot uses a 3mm PLA Filament. Amazon has some for $33/roll, but, my guess is that you could probably find them cheaper online or in person.

  • several colors of PLA (black, clear, red)are available for printing at the Hive thanks to Bill. Filament use is currently free for members to make small prints, but if more filament starts being used we should institute a payment system (Mike 3/30/14)